Marriage Counseling to Manage Infidelity

Marriage Counseling to Manage Infidelity

Marriage Counseling to Manage Infidelity

Every marriage has conflict. Marital conflict can arise due to disagreements about finances, and others may experience constant arguing or an unsatisfying sex life. Also, the recent stay-at-home orders due to a worldwide pandemic might add another layer of stress to marriages from a partner losing their job or having to be at home together for long periods. Even the most powerful unions can feel the effects of Covid-19 because the extra stress can expose hidden issues that a couple never even knew existed. One of the primary reasons to seek counseling within a marriage is cheating.

Marriage counseling in Orlando can help. Conflict does not have to be about assigning blame to someone for all of the problems that are happening. Therapy can help a couple understand one another better and work together toward solid solutions to the problem. Having a trained therapist to oversee and guide the communication process between a couple toward a healthier way of expressing their feelings and needs will improve the situation. The safe space created by a trusted therapist allows a couple uninterrupted time to focus entirely on one another and learn to communicate together more kindly and lovingly.

Getting help

It is common for couples to experience conflict for years before seeking therapy. Waiting to seek help can allow resentful feelings and unhealthy behaviors, like infidelity, to cause severe emotional damage that is much more difficult to resolve. Therefore, it is essential to reach out for help as early in your relationship as possible when it is clear that there are problems that you cannot solve on your own. Getting help can be especially difficult when only one partner recognizes the issues and is motivated to fix them. Though individual therapy can help some, ultimately, both spouses have to be ready for a change to benefit from the improvement that marital counseling can offer fully.

Coming back from infidelity

Cheating is one of the most common reasons couples go to marriage counseling. Infidelity can cause a lack of trust and a deep emotional divide within a marriage. Betrayal of the marital bond often has a very different meaning to individuals. This makes it vital for a couple to have the communication skills to define fidelity within their relationship's boundaries.

Suppose you are facing the temptation to have an extramarital affair. In that case, you should seek the advice of a counselor right away to avoid the problems that arise with broken trust after infidelity. If you or your partner have already been unfaithful, there is absolutely a way back to a healthy relationship with your spouse if you are both committed to making things better. Research shows that around 35% of married couples survive affairs, though they generally seek professional help.

 An affair is often just a symptom of other problems in a relationship that have not been resolved over time. Clear and open communication can help get your marriage back to a loving, healthy place.

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