Justification is another way of saying Validation

Justification is another way of saying Validation

Justification is another way of saying Validation

If you have been following these blogs, then you may realize a common theme in a majority of them. We at Orlando Thrive Therapy stress the importance of internal dialogue - how we think, act, and go about our day-controls, dictates, and manipulates how you will answer the call of the world and life. The need to internally validate yourself is crucial but what if you are looking for why something happened? Trying to figure out "the why" behind the decision you made, or something that has happened to you is known as justification. Yes, justification can be internally validating as it gives you confidence in your decision, but it also focuses on the tangible external evidence that is present. Most individual counselors teach validation, justification, and self-dialogue skills to their clients at the beginning of the therapy process.


For example, you are leaving a job that you worked at for a long time due to the current climate of the work environment. Before you can validate your skillset you first may start to try and justify to yourself why you left. Look at the evidence such as management styles, ownership of the company, feeling unfilled, and allowing you to plateau. These are all valid reasons as to why you left and justify your decision. Our emotions are valid, but if we can attach to finite or tangible details to further our validation and justification, we can soothe ourselves and the thought process. Individual therapy in Orlando is a great place to start attaching thoughts and emotions into healthy patterns.


Justification can be a powerful tool in aiding in developing strong internal validation skills that you can use in your day to day living. Think of it as a gateway to internal validation, and once you master justification it can lead to a more profound and deeper understanding of internal validation and how it can benefit your life. Remember one thing, you do not need to focus on the way others justify something but only how you justify it to yourself. There is a reason for everything and know what your reason is and be confident in why you made that choice! If you'd like to learn more validation or justification strategies, talk with a mental health counselor at Orlando Thrive Therapy.

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