Invest in Your Marriage

Invest in Your Marriage

Invest in Your Marriage

Couples therapy in Orlando is a commitment. If you and your partner are considering couples therapy or if you are looking into, see what it would be like, read this blog to understand the commitment it will require.

On average, couples therapy in Orlando lasts a minimum of 12 sessions with a healthy blend of teaching communication styles while understanding one another. The success of couples therapy in Orlando is dependent not on the therapist but on the investment and commitment the couple has to the relationship itself. If you are considering going through couples therapy, the first thing to understand is that it will take time and what you and your partner do outside of the therapeutic environment dictates the successfulness of it. 

Putting Your Relationship First

Nothing else needs to matter. Careers, friends, external family are all highly important for a marriage, but they all fall under the umbrella of the marriage/relationship because that is where the main priority is. Now investing in your marriage could also mean looking for general guidance as a couple. 

Misconceptions About Couples Therapy

Couples’ therapists in Orlando have noted that there is a misconception that the couple is doing something wrong if they are looking into starting couple’s therapy. This is not the case! If anything, it is an investment from one another to work together on a unified front to give the relationship what it needs. This is where a therapist can assume the role of a marriage/relationship coach and work with the couple in “tune-up” sessions to provide a non-judgmental space for topics of the marriage to be discussed, quality time plan created, and for one another to learn and grow. 

There is nothing wrong with this and many couples choose to go down this option. Regardless of the path, invest in your partner, your marriage, and yourself for the best success! Contact a couples counselor if you have more questions about how they can help.

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Heather Oller is a licensed Orlando therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching & Counseling who specializes in counseling Orlando couples, individuals, and families who are seeking changes in their lives. She has been a mental health professional for over 17 years and is a practicing Orlando counselor that specializes in conflict resolution for couples. You can contact her for an appointment or call 407-592-8997 for more information.