Identifying Yourself

Identifying Yourself

Identifying Yourself

Building an identity is a blend of emotion, uniqueness, stress, fear, and happiness.

  1. Emotion because knowing who you are and what you believe in can cause a chain reaction of emotions to be elicited that perhaps you never knew existed.
  2. Uniqueness because there is only one you and no one else like you.
  3. Stress and fear can come up because perhaps you want to have something be part of your identity, or what want to identify a certain way, and you are scared of the world’s reaction or stress if it is a good decision.
  4. And finally, happiness but not the emotion-the happiness of true fulfillment and embracement that you are able to experience from being you and knowing your identity.

Individual therapists in Orlando implement therapy for men and therapy for women to aid clients in the discovery, building, and empowerment of their true identity. For some, this is a life-long journey that can have many twists and turns, or for others who already know-how and who they identify as look to do things that support and enrich the qualities of their identity.

Embracing who you are is the ultimate goal of life and is the goal that every person in the world strives to achieve.

Yes, there will be hurdles to overcome and things won’t come easy but the minute you begin to settle and sacrifice on the qualities of your identity that make you who you are in the minute you allow people, the world, and other external factors to dictate who you are as a person. Individual therapists in Orlando call this process giving your power away and individual therapy focuses on you holding onto this power and using it only for yourself so long as you are safe doing so. Don’t settle or let others tell you what your identity is, you tell the world who you are and be proud of it!

Be proud of yourself!

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