How to Survive after an Affair

How to Survive after an Affair

How to Survive after an Affair

Surviving and healing from an affair is not an easy task for a couple to do which is why couple’s therapy is at least the best decision to do when something like this happens. Therapists in Orlando and Winter garden will say that trust is the first thing to go in an affair and that couldn’t be more true. The trust and bond that the couple had has been attacked and broken and it can seem almost impossible to rebuild.

The first question that you and your partner need to ask is if you are willing to rebuild the relationship after the affair. If the answer is yes, then reaching out and scheduling a couples session with a marriage therapist in Orlando is the next best step. If the answer is no then couples therapy is not the best decision and perhaps other options need to be considered as well. To heal from an affair requires both men’s and women’s therapy (or same-gender therapy for some relationships). The specific type of therapy will address the reasoning for the affair, why it happened, and what it means.

Anxiety therapy is a great form of therapy to use while healing from an affair. As the couple’s journey endures, managing each individual’s anxiety is imperative. That anxiety is what can disrupt the therapeutic couple’s process and allow nervousness, overthinking, and worry to remain constant. Surviving an affair is hard and it is something that a couple is not prepared for. Orlando marriage therapists and Winter Garden counselors work with couples to heal but only if both partners are willing to.

If you and your partner are not willing to work towards a greater relationship then the therapeutic process will not be able to do its job. It is a commitment that requires much of both partners but the reward can be even greater!

Be proud of yourself!

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