How Therapy Helps A Toxic Relationship

How Therapy Helps A Toxic Relationship

How Therapy Helps A Toxic Relationship

When it comes to relationships, couples counselors in Orlando tend to notice that an individual partner will commit to staying in a relationship that can be causing toxic problems in their relationship and personal life. Relationship counseling tends to unveil the issues in the relationship and the toxicity but individual therapy in Orlando gives the back story.  It uncovers what is making the relationship toxic and what's making both partners need to stay.

Therapy for men and therapy for women allow for toxic relationship patterns to be revealed. Couples’ therapists (and individual therapy in Orlando) often find that one or the other partner is struggling with mental health concerns. If they are the cause for issues in the relationship they often feel guilty, but the other partner also feels compelled to stay with them. If you are this partner, you may feel the obligation to stay with the partner or that you are willing and able to fix them and lead them down a happy life.

What makes this pattern part of a toxic relationship is that in reality, you are settling and sacrificing your own well-being and needs for the sake of someone else. A healthy relationship is not sacrificing yourself but being open about needs and wants and having each partner fulfill them-not one partner consistently filling. A relationship such as this can cause immediate stress to arise, feel as though this is the new normal for you, or even feel that you are scared of what each day brings.

An individual or couple’s counselor in Orlando focuses on empowering your needs, addressing the boundaries that need to be set, and most of all addressing if this relationship is healthy for you. You deserve to feel happy and so does your partner and the longer you deprive yourself of that, the longer you won’t be able t truly help the other person or live your fulfilled life. Put yourself first, reach out, and get the guidance you need!

Be proud of yourself!

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