How Marriage Counseling Can Teach You the Right Way to Fight

How Marriage Counseling Can Teach You the Right Way to Fight

How Marriage Counseling Can Teach You the Right Way to Fight

Getting lost in the heat of the moment can often lead couples to say the wrong things to their spouse, which can make conflicts much worse than they already were.  Marriages require everyone to be able to speak their mind, be heard and understood by their spouse, and still be able to live happily.  However, conflict resolution can also be difficult for some marriages.  Conflict may become heightened, which can lead to bitter statements, regretful actions, and harsh statements.  In marriage counseling in Orlando, you can learn the right way to fight.  These are a few ways that marriage counseling can teach you and your spouse how to fight fair.

Avoids Harsh Language

When you fight with your spouse, do you often let offensive and regretful language fly out of your mouth without thinking first?  This happens to many people, and it leads them to say things they later regret.  In marriage counseling, you can learn the ways to bite your tongue and avoid saying things that you do not truly mean.  Understanding how to de-escalate your emotions so that you can focus on productively and rationally talking about how to resolve the conflict with your spouse.

Uses “I” Statements

Discussing your feelings is important in being heard during disputes.  You will need to learn how to start your statements by addressing how you feel.  This practice allows you to remove the blame from your spouse and instead focus on the feelings you have, the changes you need to make, and the things that you expect to reach resolution.  It takes the focus off your spouse, and it places emphasis on the emotions that you need them to understand.

Teaches Listening Approaches

When you are in the heat of a fight, you may listen to your spouse and plan how to battle their statement.  This contentious approach is unhealthy, and it only escalates the conflict even farther.  In therapy, you have a safe space to discuss your emotions calmly so that you can learn how to listen to one another without feeling attacked.  When you respond, you will not feel the urge to be defensive or continue the battle.

Prevents Distractions

In everyday life, there are many distractions that can cause fights to go on for many days in a row.  You may not be able to talk in front of the kids, you may fight late at night, or you may simply just want to avoid each other instead of deal with the issue.  In therapy, you can confront the issue without any interruptions or distractions, which allows you to focus and work towards the right resolution.

These are a few of the ways that marriage counseling can teach you how to fight fairly to reach compromise and resolution quicker.  We often get lost in the heat of the moment, and this can cause problems to persist or even worsen. To work on your conflict resolution in your marriage, consider marriage counseling in Orlando. Contact us to schedule your first session together today.

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