How Do I Put the Past Behind Me?

How Do I Put the Past Behind Me?

How Do I Put the Past Behind Me?

As humans we can all agree that our past shapes us, different experiences lead us to different pathways. The past is what makes us and influences us to be the person we are today. However, one of the major struggles you may be facing is how to put the past behind you, leave it there, and work towards your future. You may be asking yourself "How do I put the past behind me?" or "How do I move on from this?" These are common questions many clients ask when they first start counseling in Orlando. The process of letting go of the past isn't always easy, but it also isn't impossible.

Our past is always consistently coming up and it begins with the emotions you feel in your present day. Your emotions and the past are tied closely together. They play on one another and when that happens that is what could be influencing your thoughts and actions in the present moment, shaping a new reality. Trauma therapists in Orlando state that experiencing similar feelings or memories is almost like reliving our past in the present.


So how do you cope with your past and leave the past in the past? The first and hardest step is understanding that your emotions are rooted in your past and can be the first trigger to bringing you back there. When this happens, we are being in our emotional mind you are giving power to your past self and invalidating your current self.

When this happens, you can try two things to help work through this and not allow the past to become your new reality. First, try identifying where these emotions are coming from and perhaps what age they stem from. Second, focus on that negative message and replace it with a positive message that you can tell yourself. Confronting those feelings can be a powerful way for you to own your present.


To go along with that practice, you also need to create an awareness around what is happening in reality and what is something you are carrying over from the past. If you are allowing the past to control how you think about yourself, how you see yourself, or what you tell yourself, then you will surely struggle to stay in the present moment. Grounding techniques, coping skills, and trauma therapy in Orlando are key features to keeping yourself in the present.

Allow yourself to grow, give yourself positive self-talk, and internal validation, and replace those negative messages with positive ones. Be who you are. This is not the past you but the present you, striving for the future you. If you find difficulty needing to work through trauma, or trying to stay in the present, or are in need of better coping skills, reach out to a therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy today.

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