How Do I Get Over Fear of Failure?

How Do I Get Over Fear of Failure?

How Do I Get Over Fear of Failure?

The fear of failure is a very real and experienced topic emphasized more so in society because of the pervasive trend of constant comparison. Social media and trending societal norms put added pressure on you to constantly "measure up." This could be in any area of your life such as your physique, your career, your relationship status, to any other things. For some reason, society continues to perpetuate images of the perfect version of yourself that you "should" strive to be: One who is able to accomplish anything, mastering greatness with minimal effort, and exceeding all expectations regularly.

As counselors in Orlando, the Orlando Thrive Therapy team believes you are more than what society tells you that you should be. Our counselors say that you are perfect as you are in your uniqueness. We think you should challenge the belief that you are a self-correcting robot with a hard, cold exterior.  We think you have a warm, flesh exterior with blood pumping through your veins making you a wonderful, amazing human. To be human is to expect failure at some points in life but also to learn how to address and accept failure.  To be human is to experience fear of failure in a healthier way.


Because of the way our world is, the notion of being scared to fail is running rampant to where you may catch yourself questioning every decision you are about to make. You might wonder what the next steps will be for your life if you do actually fail. Here is the thing: You are already preparing to fail when you think like that and thus you may talk yourself out of doing something that could only be a benefit for you. Fear and failure are common pressure points for anxiety. Many anxiety counselors in Orlando suggest utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to sort through those emotions. Understanding the unknown is key to unlocking fear.


To let go of this fear of failure is to free yourself of the shackles of the unknown and to invigorate the skills and opportunities you have in front of you. Having this fear of failure subjects yourself to the will and perceptions of others.  This is flawed because the only perception and will that matters is the one that you have about the person looking back at you from the mirror. Let go of this fear. Let go of the “what if’s. Embrace confidence. Embrace empowerment. Embrace the authentic you.

At some point in everyone's life, there will be a failure. The difference is in how you choose to respond. You can let failure defeat and define you, thereby allowing yourself to become the failure, or you can learn from it and activate an action plan for change. The choice you make in how you respond is what will either perpetuate fear or give you power. Anxiety therapy in Orlando is a great place to start working through these fears, failures, and biased perceptions. Remember, without failure, we cannot be fully grateful for success.

Be proud of yourself!

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