Grief counseling is essentially designed to help you handle the high amounts of sorrow that are experienced after a loss. This could be from the death of someone close to you, who meant something to you personally, or even from the loss of something you lost as well. It can be hard to process grief and address the pain and agony you feel when these memories of the person or frequent thoughts arise. Some questions you may have are how do I get over my husband/wife’s death? How do I get through the loss of a child? How do I cope with the loss of a friend? Even a general statement such as “I lost someone, now what?” can be confusing and hard to navigate. It is as though you are entering a different reality every time you are “triggered” to think of the person. There is a process to grieving and when you align with a grief counselor in Orlando they can help walk you through it.


The thoughts and emotions related to the grieving process have no clear start and can happen at any time. When they do happen, it is about you responding or reacting to this grief that is crucial. Do you allow these thoughts to sit and gain traction affecting your mental or do you allow yourself to suppress these emotions and try to replace them with behaviors that are mere distractions? This is where grief counseling works with emotional processing: by addressing the negative emotions that are coming up because of a sudden loss, validating them, and giving you the direction on where to turn. Either way, grief is not being processed and addressed and that is where grief counseling in Orlando can fill the gap. Finding a grief therapist near you can allow for help with coping with the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and cognitive responses you have in regard to the loss you suffered. A grief counselor can even address the trauma of the sudden loss by showing how much more powerful you can become.


Now, you may think that going to see a grief specialist may not work for you because they won’t be able to relate or connect with you. We at Orlando Thrive Therapy are here to tell you the opposite. A grief therapist is trained in the specialized techniques to cope with loss but is often someone who experienced a loss of their own. The techniques they teach you are learned and practiced but their relatability and experience is fully the therapist. They are there to be your guide through this journey and to allow you to begin the healing process. Yes, people pass on in the world, the loss is inevitable, but that does not mean you have lost yourself. It means you have life left to live, love left to give, all while appreciating them and yourself at the same time.

Grief does not have to be endured. It does not have to be a sentence for pain that you can not escape. Working through the stages of grief in counseling can help you move through the process with support. You do not have to suffer alone. Reach out for help and contact a professional grief counselor today for more information.

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