Having a Financial Addiction

Having a Financial Addiction

Having a Financial Addiction

When it comes to an addiction anything can spur the behaviors and cognitive thinking that proceeds with it. We at Orlando Thrive Therapy reference addiction mainly with being consumed with the thoughts and actions that are disrupting daily living. Financial addiction can be that when you are consistently worrying, prioritizing, and putting financial gain over your mental well-being and normalizing these behaviors.

You may be thinking to yourself “How do I know if I have a financial addiction?” While there is no formal title for it, an addiction to finances can stem from consistent worry about having enough money in your possession to worrying about how much your next paycheck will be. While this is going on, the consistent worry of finances is preoccupying your mind to where nothing else (self-care, personal relationships, events, etc.) will be allowed to enter and be at the forefront. You become addicted to the worry of not being able to be financially sound. Counselors in Orlando believe this to be a very discreet but serious addiction due to the instant gratifications associated with it. Excitatory emotions mixed with a monetary gain is what most mental health professionals see.


Coping with financial addiction can vary from person to person but ideally relies on what coping skills work best for them. In some cases, thinking about looking at your pay periods as a monthly total and reframing the way you expect your payment can be a start. Also, communicating and pinpointing what about finances worries you, whether it be the need for consistent safety and security or what it reminds you of from your past.

Addictions therapists would say that a version of financial addiction comes from emotions you are feeling on a subconscious level and that you may be trying to avoid and believe money will provide you with that. At the core, it could be that you are feeling anxiety with the stressors of the financial gain which aids in this addiction rising. Anxiety therapy and addictions counseling is a great place to start your recovery process and learn new coping skills. Together you can reframe, practice coping skills, and rewire your thoughts.


One thing to keep in mind is that your definition of money comes from how money was presented to you in your earlier life, and as you reach adulthood you try to maintain that same level of awareness and symbolism. As you go throughout your adulthood perhaps your awareness and definition of money needs to change because perhaps the thinking you have about it is doing more harm than good. Speaking to an addiction therapist in Orlando about this financial addiction could be a great step in the right direction for you and the others around you. This thinking and distress can and WILL change with practice.

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