Four Ways to Cope with Back-to-School Related Anxiety

Four Ways to Cope with Back-to-School Related Anxiety

Four Ways to Cope with Back-to-School Related Anxiety

Are you having a difficult time adjusting to your new back-to-school routine?  Are you worried about the transition about heading back to school?  Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night because of your concerns about going back to the classroom?  Whether you are struggling with going to high school or transitioning to college, you may want to seek anxiety therapy in Orlando to cope with these new changes.  This year will bring many new challenges when it comes to adjusting to school, and you will want to tackle your anxiety sooner rather than later.  These are a few coping strategies to utilize to overcome your back-to-school related anxiety. 

Focus on the Good

When you are getting accustomed to your new routine, it is important to stay positive.  Instead of worrying about all the new information you will have to ingest, people you will need to meet, and work you will need to do, focus on the things you like about the new school year.  When you focus on the good, you can stay positive about the new year and the new routine that is headed your way.

Identify Triggers

If going back to school has many triggers for your anxiety or mental health, you will want to take the time to identify them early in the year.  By understanding your triggers, you can learn the right coping mechanisms to handle them positively as the year progresses.  Do you have anxiety about the first day?  Do you worry about certain classes, classmates, or events?  Take the time to identify how your triggers make you feel so you can address these emotions quickly.

Practice Your New Routine

By getting in your routine before school starts, you give yourself time to adjust to the changes you’ll need to make.  For example, you may be used to staying up late in the morning, and you need to adjust to a new sleep routine.  Giving yourself a chance to get used to the new routine will make those first few weeks back to school go smoothly.

Plan Ahead

Before the first few days, you should stock the fridge with lunch items, get the right school supplies, and memorize your schedule.  Plan so that you are fully prepared for the days in school.  If you need to arrange transportation, understand the bus routes, sign up for any extra curricular activities, or do any summer reading, you will want to take care of that as soon as possible.

These are a few ways that you can adjust to the new routine of being back in school and combating any anxiety that you may have about the transition.  If you are struggling with anxiety that is taking over your ability to live a normal life, reach out to our professionals to hear about our anxiety therapy in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our schedule today.

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