Four Ways to Cheer Up and Support Your Depressed Partner

Four Ways to Cheer Up and Support Your Depressed Partner

Four Ways to Cheer Up and Support Your Depressed Partner

Are you in a relationship with someone that suffering from severe depression?  Do you struggle to come up with ways to be there for them during their times of withdrawal, hopelessness, and fatigue?  Depression can be difficult for those who are suffering and those who are watching other suffer, especially when you are in a relationship with them.  In marriage therapy in Windermere, you can work together to overcome depression and its effects on your lifestyle and your relationship.  Coming up with some exciting ways to spend time together is a way to help you both enjoy life.  These are a few relaxing ideas of how you can cheer up and support your depressed partner.

Go for a Walk

When your partner is feeling depressed, it can be helpful to get them outside and breathe in the fresh air.  Consider taking a walk together to get out of the house and remove yourself from any of the triggers that may cause depression at home.  Also, this will allow you to have some valuable time together, holding hands, sitting on a park bench, or walking around your neighborhood.  This can be valuable whether you are having a conversation or just walking in silence.

Watch a Movie Together

On the nights when you are feeling unmotivated to the leave the house, but you still want to support your partner, consider watching a movie together.  Sit close to one another on the couch, cuddle, and just be together as you watch a movie that you both enjoy.  Choose a film that is light-hearted, funny, and enjoyable to watch to add levity and laughter into your life.

Go to Yoga Together

When your partner is feeling depressed, they may need to take some time to practice mindfulness and move their body.  Yoga is the perfect combination of both of those things, and it is also an activity that you can both do together.  Consider taking a yoga class at a local studio so that you can practice connecting your mind and body and giving your body a good stretch at the same time.

Take a Drive

When your partner is feeling a lack of motivation to walk or move, it may be a good idea to suggest taking a drive.  This will get you both out of the house, and it will allow your partner to focus on other things and look at the world outside your home.  Consider driving to a park or a picturesque spot and stopping to talk for a little while.  If your partner is feeling better once you arrive there, you may even be able to get out and sit for a picnic or take a short walk around the park.

These are a few quick and easy ideas to add positivity into your relationship when you are with a partner that is suffering from depression.  If you are looking for ways to support your partner through their depression, consider marriage therapy in Windermere.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule an appointment with our experienced therapists today.

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