Four Ways that Self-Care Can Decrease Your Anxiety

Four Ways that Self-Care Can Decrease Your Anxiety

Four Ways that Self-Care Can Decrease Your Anxiety

Do you suffer from symptoms of anxiety that cause negativity or difficulty getting through simple, everyday tasks?  Does your anxiety impede your ability to gain fulfillment in your life?  Anxiety is one o the most common challenges that faces those who suffer from mental health issues.  When working in anxiety therapy in Winter Garden, you will learn how to cope with your symptoms and manage your anxiety so that you can live a fuller life without concern, fear, or worry.  Taking care of yourself is one of the first methods of coping with mental health issues.  These are a few ways that self-care can decrease the severity of your anxiety.

Keeps You Grounded

Many people that suffer from mental health issues feel a sense of insecurity.  They may struggle to find balance or find their footing in life.  These issues often lead to a decreased sense of confidence in themselves, which can find its way into all the decisions they need to make.  By practicing self-care, you help yourself stay grounded.  You give yourself the time to find what you need or want, and you make those things happen.  Staying grounded allows you to remain true to yourself and prevent anxious thoughts.

Provides Time to Think

Sometimes our heads get clouded with too many thoughts, too many fears, and too much responsibility.  This can take away from our ability to stay focused on what we truly need and want.  By practicing self-care on a routine basis, we take the time to give our minds and body a chance to unwind and decompress.  Giving yourself this time to think and reflect about life also provides a chance to learn about what makes you anxious in the first place.  Without time to reflect, you may continue facing the same triggers for your anxiety without even realizing it.

Boosts Self-Esteem

When you are overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, you may feel trapped in the negative self-talk.  You may not recognize your true worth, which can cloud your judgment and degrade your confidence.  By practicing self-care, you give yourself a chance to find your worth.  Journaling, exercising, and doing things you love provides you with a chance to enjoy what makes you truly unique, which can improve your self-confidence and make you believe in yourself.

Provides Security

Anxious thoughts can occur from a decreased sense of security in life.  It can stem from fear and doubt, in yourself or in others.  When you practice self-care, you can learn about how to cope with these fears and overcome them.  Therapy, support systems, and time for reflection is an important step in overcoming these challenges and learning about what makes you feel uncomfortable, scared, or uneasy in life.

These are a few ways that self-care can decrease the symptoms of your anxiety.  If you practice self-care for at least a half hour each day, you will notice that you feel much calmer and much more grounded in your everyday routine.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear more about our anxiety counseling in Winter Garden today.

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