Four Steps to Getting Help with Your Depression

Four Steps to Getting Help with Your Depression

Four Steps to Getting Help with Your Depression

Are you feeling stuck, isolated, or alone in your depression?  Do you suffer from depression that leaves you feeling hopeless or even frozen in time?  When you are battling depression, it can be extremely tough to find the motivation to ask for help.  However, it is also when you need the support the most.  As counselors in Orlando, we work with many people to help cope, manage, and combat the negative effects of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.  This support can provide you with more clarity and understanding into how to thrive during times of hardship and struggle.  There are a few steps to getting the help you need when you are battling depression.

Admit that You Need Help

Many people struggle to overcome the first step of the process, as they may not fully be able to admit that they need help.  When you are used to dealing with your emotions on your own, you may be uncomfortable admitting things to another individual.  However, this can be freeing and powerful when you let yourself truly accept the guidance and support that others have to offer.

Avoid Stigmatizing Your Feelings

One of the first things that many people that suffer with mental health issues will do is to try to convince themselves they are actually okay, even when they aren't.  Avoid doing this.  Avoid labeling or stigmatizing yourself before you even start the process.  This can cause you to start the process without really seeing that you deserve to feel better and that you deserve the treatment options available to you.

Accept the Help

Many people may be able to admit that they have the feelings they do, but they may struggle with actually accepting the help of others.  When you are learning about the triggers of your depression, you will want to accept that the professionals have the expertise to help you.  Accepting the help will allow you to truly learn and grow through your experiences.

Trust the Journey and the Process

When you are battling depression, you may want to have a quick answer to resolve the symptoms you are feeling.  However, working through your depression is a process that will take time.  However, if you trust the process and do the work, you will be able to see the positive impact that the journey can bring to your life.  Make sure that you go to all your appointments, follow through with your assignments, and do the reflections so that you can learn what works for you.

These are a few of the steps you'll want to take when you are battling depression.  Getting help is the first step to learning how to manage your symptoms so that you can start living the life you truly deserve.  If you are looking for quality counselors in Orlando that can provide you with individualized attention and tools to overcome your mood disorder, contact Orlando Thrive Therapy today.

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