Four Signs That It's Time to Get Help for Your Anxiety

Four Signs That It's Time to Get Help for Your Anxiety

Four Signs That It's Time to Get Help for Your Anxiety

Are you constantly riddled by doubt?  Do you struggle with social interactions when you are meeting new people?  Do you have difficulty focusing on work presentations?  When your daily life is negatively impacted by your anxiety, you may want to seek help from the professionals in anxiety therapy in Winter Garden.  Our counselors are trained to help you understand your triggers so that you can learn the proper way to cope and thrive in your life.  There are a few signs that indicate it is time for you to get help for your anxiety.

You Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed

Lacking the desire to actually get your day started is a huge sign that it's time to get the help you need.  By neglecting your daily tasks and routine, you may be scared to confront certain triggers or causes of your anxiety.  Over time, this can cause you to even lose your job or your friends.  Avoid going down this path by getting the help you need when you wake up feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety about the day ahead of you.

You Struggle with Work-related Tasks

Does work induce stress?  Do you want to avoid certain people or events at work?  When you have anxiety that is caused by work, you may actually struggle to complete work responsibilities or duties.  This can cause you to fall behind at work, miss deadlines, or even find excuses to stay home or avoid large meetings.  Eventually, your boss may notice these issues, and they may assume that you simply lack motivation or drive.

You Have No Motivation

Many people that suffer from anxiety have a difficult time finding motivation to do the tasks that they find uncomfortable or triggering.  This can have a negative impact on your social, emotional, and physical health if you continue to avoid actually doing things.  When you consistently lack motivation, take a look at the true reasons and find the solutions to overcome them before you start losing parts of yourself.

You Are Losing Friends

Social anxiety is one of the most common types, and many people that suffer from this anxiety will spend time trying to get out of social situations.  When you come up with enough excuses or don't show up at enough parties, your friends will start to notice.  Those who don't understand the true reason will likely assume that you don't want to be with them or that you truly don't want to be there.  Avoid these assumptions by getting the help you need to overcome your social anxiety.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it may be time for you to get help to battle your anxiety.  When you take the time to work through your anxiety and your triggers in anxiety therapy in Winter Garden, you can learn coping strategies that work for you.  This will allow you to live a full and satisfying life with little concerns, fears, or worries.  Contact us to make your first appointment and get started on your journey today.

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