Four Misconceptions that Cause Men to Avoid Therapy (Even When They Need It)

Four Misconceptions that Cause Men to Avoid Therapy (Even When They Need It)

Four Misconceptions that Cause Men to Avoid Therapy (Even When They Need It)

Many people assume that therapy is a treatment option for those who cannot deal with their own complications.  Many people may even think it makes you weak or incapable of handling your own life.  These misconceptions couldn't be more wrong.  However, they may lead people to avoid therapy, especially men, even when they need it the most.  At men's therapy in Orlando, we provide a clinical therapy session that aims to treat you for whatever is holding you back, plaguing you, or causing a strain on your lifestyle.  This makes you strong.  There are a few misconceptions that cause many men to avoid therapy.

Men Don't Cry

Many people also think that tears will be shed at each therapy session.  However, most people actually do not cry during their therapy sessions.  Typically, when they do cry, it is because of a breakthrough or a revelation that they have struggled to come to terms with.  They cry because of their feelings of strength.  Crying, however, is not a weakness, and it can actually lead to catharsis, or the release of emotions after pent-up frustration.

Men Can Work Through It

Therapy is not a sign of weakness, but many people may think that it is.  When you open up to a counselor, you are able to learn more about yourself and gain clarity with your own conflicts, frustrations, emotions, and struggles.  Although many people try to battle things out on their own, there may be a point where they need the help of a professional.  Our counselors are trained to provide you with the therapy you need to start thriving in your life once again.

Men Are Fine

Everyone has problems.  It's really that simple.  Even though people don't like to admit defeat or weakness, problems exist everywhere.  The sooner that people come to the realization and admit their faults or conflicts, then the sooner they can resolve them.

Men Don't Want to Spill Their Guts

When many people think about therapy, they assume that essential oils are burning while they are lying on the couch and spilling their guts to another person.  Although they will be discussing their thoughts and emotions with a trained professional, this scenario couldn't be more of a misconception.  Counseling is a clinical process that aims to treat patients by providing them with individualized solutions and coping mechanisms to combat their negative thoughts or inner conflicts.

These are a few of the misconceptions about men's therapy in Orlando, which can cause men to avoid going to therapy.  This is truly even for those who need it most, like those battling with internal conflicts, mental illness, constant depression or stress, or just difficult life scenarios.  When you are ready to start thriving, contact the professionals at Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule your appointment today.

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