Five Ways You Can Prioritize Your Self-Care

Five Ways You Can Prioritize Your Self-Care

Five Ways You Can Prioritize Your Self-Care

Do you struggle to put yourself first?  Are you always taking care of the needs of others above your own?  When you put yourself and your self-care last, you will eventually start to feel burnt out or overwhelmed by your lifestyle.  You may even become unrecognizable as you are always doing things for others.  As professionals in women’s therapy in Orlando, we can help you overcome these hurdles and focus on taking care of your own needs.  These are a few of the ways that you can prioritize your self-care to improve your mental health.

Develop a Routine

If you struggle to prioritize your self-care, you should come up with a routine that works.  This could mean implementing a small amount of self-care into your daily routine, whether you have a skincare regimen or get a bath at the end of each day.  Small events like this can make a large impact in your overall mental health. 

Learn to Say No

When you put too many responsibilities on your plate each day, you may struggle to make time for yourself.  Learning to say no when people ask you to commit your time, do favors, or just hang out can prove to be essential in freeing up time for yourself.  It may take practice to say no to friends and family, but you will realize that having more time for yourself allows you to take better care of your own needs.

Be Mindful of Screen Time

Take a break from screen time when you feel too connected to your phone, laptop, or other screens.  This break can give you a chance to reset your mind and connect with your inner needs.  By constantly being connected to the outside world, you do not give yourself a chance to reset and unwind after all the noise.

Take Up Meal Planning

Planning your meals is a great way to prioritize your nutrition.  Sit down one night a week to plan your grocery list and your meals for each day.  This will allow you to stay on track with your diet and also ensure that you have the energy and sustenance to keep you fueled and running during each day.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

The company you keep has a large impact on your mental health.  When you surround yourself with negative or dramatic individuals, you may feel more drained or belittled after social gatherings.  However, when you surround yourself with positive individuals, they will uplift you and bring a positive light into your life.

These are just a few of the ways that you can work to prioritize your self-care and start to develop a routine that works for you.  When you learn how to put yourself first, you will fuel your mind and body with what it needs to stay healthy.  If you are having a difficult time putting yourself first, consider taking up women’s therapy in Orlando for some extra help.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear more today. 

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