Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Five Ways To Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Many people start 2021 off with resolutions to take care of their mental health.  After the year we've all had, we can all use a reset on our mental health, as we've battled many new challenges, changes, and situations in our lives.  The world became confusing, and that put a strain on our ability to cope as we normally do.  This year, however, you want to start fresh and practice mindfulness to overcome any setbacks to your mental health.  As professionals in counseling in Orlando, we urge many of our clients to practice mindfulness at the start of each day.  There are a few suggestions to help you implement these practices and set your mind right each and every day.


When you have a few spare minutes, practice a meditation routine that makes you feel more in tune with your body and your senses.  Repeat a mantra or saying that encompasses how you want to feel that day and invokes positivity and peace.  Take the time to feel centered and grounded each morning before you start your day, and you will likely be more in tune with your emotions throughout the rest of the day.


By spending time reflecting and writing about your emotions, feelings, actions, and behaviors, you will be able to recognize patterns in your behaviors and habits.  This will give you the space to learn, grow, and heal through difficult circumstances.  Journaling is also a great way to write down goals and stay accountable each day.

Breathing Exercises

Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes to practice deep breathing exercises.  Breathe in for a few seconds, and breathe deeply so that you use your entire diaphragm.  Then, breathe out for a few seconds.  Do these exercises so that you can feel each exhale and each inhale, and this will help provide you with the mental clarity you need.


Take time to visualize what you want from your day before you even get out of bed.  Close your eyes and envision what you want your day to look like, how you will achieve your goals, and what you ultimately want to accomplish.  Many people believe highly in the power of manifestation and visualization in order to make their dreams come true.

Sensory Exercises

Getting in touch with your senses is another great way to practice mindfulness.   Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and take in your surroundings.  When you do this, you notice smells, tastes, sounds, and feeling sensations of your environment.  Practice this in various places, and remember those emotions that you carry with each.  This will help you recognize places that bring you peace and comfort.

These are just a few of the practices that you can implement into your everyday routine that encourage mindfulness.  When you are more present in your life, you will be able to live life to the fullest, recognizing even the slightest changes in your mood.  This mindfulness will allow you to make changes that encourage positive thinking.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with our counselors today.

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