Five Steps to Avoid Divorce

Five Steps to Avoid Divorce

Five Steps to Avoid Divorce

Are you concerned that your relationship is headed for divorce?  Are you and your spouse struggling to overcome challenges that have been placed on your life during the pandemic?  Many people are dealing with new challenges that we have never predicted, and many of these challenges have placed additional strains on marriages and households in general.  At marriage counseling in Orlando, we assist many couples with their issues when they commit to resolving conflicts and issues in their marriage.  There are a few steps that you can follow to avoid divorce when you are having difficulties in your relationship.

Give Compliments to Each Other

Sometimes, marriages fall apart because people grow distant and stop taking care of one another's needs.  Simple gestures, like giving compliments every day or showing your gratefulness towards your spouse, can go a long way.  This will remind your spouse that you still value and care for them, their appearance, their responsibilities, and their care for you.  Take the time to give your spouse compliments to show them that you still care.

Spend Time Together

Carve out time in your busy schedule to spend with your spouse.  Find hobbies that you both enjoy or make opportunities to eat dinner together on a routine basis.  When you establish a routine that implements this time spent together, you will begin prioritizing your relationship and your spouse.  Over time, this will make a positive impact on your lifestyle and also change your relationship for the better.

Spend Time Apart

It may seem counteractive to suggest spending time apart after suggesting you spend time together, but it is true.  Make sure that you establish your independence in the relationship as well, as you still need to care for your own needs.  You likely have hobbies or interests that differ from your spouse's and you will want to make time for these activities as well.  Having things that interest you is important for your own self-care and happiness.

Make Time to Connect

By prioritizing time with your spouse, you also give yourselves time to reconnect.  If you are struggling to find common ground or make compromises with your spouse, you need to remember to communicate effectively without interruptions.  Life can get busy and you can get tired, but don't let these factors deter you from having real conversations with your spouse.  Without spending the time to connect, you may continue veering away from the path to growth as a couple.

Ask How Your Spouse is Doing

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your spouse is happy, satisfied, and content is to actually ask.  By asking your spouse about their well-being, you will stay in tune with their mental health and their needs.  Without ever truly knowing about their mental state, you may not know that they are struggling or in need of something.  This is especially important  if you have noticed changes in their behaviors, actions, or mood.

These are a few steps you can implement to stop heading down the path towards divorce.  When you are struggling to compromise, having trust issues, or suffering from communication issues, you will want to work together in marriage counseling in Orlando.  Contact us to make an appointment with our experienced marriage counselors today.

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