Five Physical Health Benefits of Going to Counseling

Five Physical Health Benefits of Going to Counseling

Five Physical Health Benefits of Going to Counseling

Many people assume that counseling only has mental health benefits.  This misconception could not be farther from the truth.  Counseling in Orlando, in fact, has many physical benefits that can allow you to thrive as a wholly healthy individual.  Those who struggle to find the motivation to stay healthy, eat well, and exercise regularly may want to consider counseling so they can get on the right path.  These are just a few of the many physical benefits of working with a counselor.

Reduces Pharmaceutical Intervention

Medications are often prescribed to help people cope and manage the symptoms of their mental health.  These treatments are always thoughtfully considered by both the client and the medical professional, and they are chosen to better their overall lifestyle.  Working with a counselor can provide you with an alternative method of treatment without the need for medications.  Medications may cause physical changes that affect your body, so this it is important to discuss this with your doctor and therapist.

Decreases Anxiety Symptoms

While anxiety is a mental disorder, it has many symptoms that can negatively affect your body and physical well-being.  Anxiety can cause sweaty palms, fatigue, depression, panic attacks, chronic headaches, and many more physical symptoms.  These symptoms can inhibit an individual’s ability to live life comfortably, healthy, and happy.  By working in therapy, you learn ways to manage your anxiety and decrease its negative impact on your well-being.

Improves Motivation for Fitness

Being overwhelmed with the symptoms of your anxiety can cause you to lose motivation to practice healthy habits.  When you feel down, you are more likely to stay inside on the couch and eat junk food.  These habits can decrease your nutrition, which can lead to more depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, and other health concerns.  Confronting your anxiety will allow you to life a healthy lifestyle.

Provides Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is also important for your physical health and well-being.  When your mind is more stable, you are less likely to react to comments that get under your skin, feedback from others, conflict with family and friends, and other triggers that may normally cause you to react.  Instead, you will have the coping strategies to overcome these challenges and stay even keeled through it all.  This can prevent fights, aggression, depression, and thoughts of self-harm.

Learn What Your Body Needs

Understanding how to recognize what your body needs is essential for your overall health.  When you become aware of your own body and mind, you can respond to its messages to give it what it needs.  If you are feeling overstimulated, you know to remove yourself from a situation.  When you are feeling down, you can get exercise or engage in other mood-boosting physical habits.

These are some of the benefits that counseling has on your physical health.  From providing you with the motivation to stay accountable with your fitness routine to improving the function of your immune system, the benefits are endless.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear about our approach to counseling in Orlando and get started today.

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