Five Issues that Relationship Counseling Can Help With

Five Issues that Relationship Counseling Can Help With

Five Issues that Relationship Counseling Can Help With

Are you stuck in your relationship?  Do you find yourself contemplating divorce in your marriage?  Are you always having the same fight with your spouse?  Relationships are hard work, and they sometimes require some extra support and guidance to get through some of the tough issues.  In our relationship and marriage counseling in Orlando, many couples learn how to overcome some of the conflicts, distance, and problems that have been plaguing their relationship.  These are some of the issues that relationship counseling can help with.

Intimacy Issues

When you struggle with being intimate with your partner, it can lead to issues in the relationship.  Working with a therapist can help you discover any reasons why it may be difficult to be intimate with your partner.  This can help you determine whether you are battling trust issues, self-image issues, or just other conflicts in your relationship.  Working with a therapist can help you overcome negative emotions about physical touch and intimacy with your partner.

Financial Struggles

Conflict over financial problems is one of the most common issues that plague relationships.  Because of this, you will want to tackle these issues early on to come up with a financial plan that works for the both of you.  Learning how to handle your finances, pay bills, track spending, and encounter any issues will help to solve problems along the way.

Family Conflict

If you are constantly fighting with or about your in-laws, you may also struggle in your relationship.  Although you are not married to each other’s families, they will still play a large role in your life.  Coming up with boundaries and talking about how to keep distance and resolve any conflicts is critical in preventing both families from getting in the way of your healthy relationship.

Decision-Making Issues

Do you struggle to make compromises?  Do you have trouble making decisions together?  When one of you always wants to get your way or overpower the other with your ideas, it can be difficult to feel heard.  When you have trouble making compromises with another individual, you may struggle to ever make decisions that appease the both of you.

Rough Patches

Every marriage and relationship encounter rough patches that make it more difficult to overcome conflicts and resolve your issues.  When you have rough patches, it may seem like the issues will never get resolved.  Working with a therapist will help you overcome the issues that have caused your rough patch and avoid ever having the same problems again.

These are just a few of the many issues that relationship and marriage counseling in Orlando can help with.  When you and your partner are having a tough time making decisions or being on the same page, you may want to reach out for some extra support and guidance through these issues.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to hear about how we can help you today.

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