Five Indications You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Five Indications You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Five Indications You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Do you strive for perfection with each task you perform?  Do you toss and turn at night from worrying about different things?  Are you easily startled or irritated?  These are some symptoms that could indicate that you may be suffering from anxiety disorders that can stunt your progress in everyday life.  To live a healthier life and be in tune with your mental health, you can work on coping strategies in anxiety therapy in Orlando.  There are a few indications that may have you questioning whether you should see a professional for guidance through your anxiety.


Being fixated on perfectionism can be exhausting.  You may be kept up at night as you think about the smallest details of an upcoming event.  You may become irritated when even the smallest error occurs.  You may struggle to accept yourself as you are.  When you are fixated on being perfect, you constantly worry about any blemish or imperfection that may come your way.  Over time, this can cause negative self-esteem and cognitive distortions.

Difficulty Making Decisions

Do you take a lot of time to make even the easiest decision?  Do you constantly doubt yourself and your instincts?  When you don't trust yourself to make the right decision, you may suffer from anxiety.  Fearing that you will make the wrong decision, or that you already have, can cause negative thought patterns that lead to self-doubt and a low self-confidence.

Difficulty Sleeping

Tossing and turning each night because you are worried, concerned, and having racing thoughts can also be a sign of anxiety.  When you have difficulty falling asleep because of your racing mind, your preoccupation can lead to not only anxiety but also headaches, fatigue, and low motivation caused by lack of sleep.

Easily Irritable

Do you find yourself lashing about when one thing goes wrong?  Are you always worried about everything?  Anxiety can make you easily irritated by even the smallest thing.  When someone shows up late, or when someone does something wrong, you may be tempted to get angry or frustrated with their behavior.  This could indicate that you are suffering from anxiety that should be discussed with a professional.

Constant Worry

Worrying about all aspects of your life can be all-consuming.  This can also lead you to freeze your actions and have difficulty focusing on tasks right in front of you.  When your progress is stunted because of constant worry, you actually cause much more harm than good.  Talk about this constant and nagging worry with your counselor to learn how to cope and channel productivity through the doubt.

These are some indications that you may be battling an anxiety disorder that causes some extra worry and stress on your life.  When you are battling anxiety, you may have difficulty performing basic tasks without backtracking or finding motivation.  As professionals in anxiety therapy in Orlando, we provide many coping strategies to help our clients work through their anxiety.  Contact us to schedule your appointment and live a stress-free life today.

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