Five Important (and Sensitive) Topics Every Serious Relationship Must Cover

Five Important (and Sensitive) Topics Every Serious Relationship Must Cover

Five Important (and Sensitive) Topics Every Serious Relationship Must Cover

Do you think that you’ve met the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with?  Are you looking to take the next step in your relationship?  Many people assume that relationships that are in trouble are the only couples that need to go to relationship counseling in Orlando.  However, it is important for anyone that wants to have the right conversations and continue pursuing a positive and growing relationship.  When you are in a serious relationship, or you are considering marriage with another individual, you need to have the right conversations first.  These are a few of the most important topics that every serious relationship should discuss.


Before you take your relationship to the next level, it is important to discuss your thoughts on children.  Do you want to have children?   Do you know if your partner, or potentially future spouse, wants to have children?  Having these discussions before you move forward is essential in making sure that you are on the same page about family planning, family building, and child rearing.  If you have opposing viewpoints, you may later find that these are dealbreakers for you.


Take the time to discuss the importance of family and potential in-laws in your future life.  If you plan to live near family, you need to find ways to establish boundaries to have space and privacy.  If you live farther away, discuss how you will ensure that you stay connected to family if that is a common goal.  When you merge two families together, you should have a basic understanding of what that will look like.


Conversations about money are always uncomfortable, private, and difficult.  However, when you get into a serious relationship, you need to have the same perspective about finances as your partner, and potentially your future spouse.  This can look differently in every relationship.  Some relationships thrive with joint accounts, while other couples keep their financials separate.  Find what works for you, but talk about any student loans, debt, investments, and assets that you have prior to the marriage.

Plans for the Future

Does your job require you to spend a lot of time travelling?  Do you want to move to a different country in the future?  When you get into a serious relationship, your partner will want to have an idea of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future.  This will allow them to match your vision and grow together.  When you do not have these conversations, they may assume that your future plans align with theirs, and this can eventually lead to conflict if their assumptions are inaccurate.


Is religion a large part of your life?  Do you want your future children to also follow your faith?  Take the time to discuss the role that religion will play in your life, and discuss the importance, or lack of importance, that your faith has on your life.  By discussing this before you take the next step, your partner will have a clear understanding of how you plan to shape your future with religion.

These are just a few of the discussions that every serious relationship should cover, especially when marriage is in the question.  If you are looking for a comfortable and safe place to discuss sensitive topics with your partner, consider relationship counseling in Orlando.  Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule your relationships counseling session today.

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