EMDR Therapy in Orlando

EMDR Therapy in Orlando

EMDR Therapy in Orlando

EMDR therapy is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This technique requires specialized training and when you are seeking EMDR services, you should find someone who is certified in EMDR.  EMDR is one of the most widely used forms of therapy for individuals with PTSD or who have experienced a traumatic event in their life. Trauma can manifest itself in various different ways and affects people differently. Trauma can have an emotional, cognitive, or physical impact on a person.  Sometimes a person can feel trauma in all three ways every day.

EMDR therapy in Orlando is a therapeutic style that works with the individual to understand their emotional reaction to triggers of the trauma and how they are reacting to it. Trauma therapists in Orlando who specialize in EMDR then work with the individual to embrace the trauma in small doses and track when a trigger is having an onset through external tracking of the eyes. An example of this would be an Orlando trauma therapist holding a pen and moving it back and forth while you are thinking and feel the experiences related to the trauma. When the eyes break from the pen then this is a cue to the therapist to pause. 

EMDR is mostly used in individual therapy in Orlando but can also be combined with anxiety treatment by addressing the stressors or concerns with such trauma and how you are coping with it. Successful EMDR therapy will allow for a stronger emotional regulation to be done when reacting to traumatic stressors and allow you to put yourself first, focusing on what needs to be done for you. 

EMDR therapy takes time from the therapist to successfully implement it-it is not a shortened therapeutic practice. However, the commitment you make to yourself to achieve a better life without having the trauma control you is worth it.  This will lead you down a life that you may have only thought you were worthy of. You are stronger than your trauma and EMDR proves that. 

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