Couple’s Therapy is a Commitment

Couple’s Therapy is a Commitment

Couple’s Therapy is a Commitment

One of the most important things I tell the couples I work with when they start Orlando couples therapy is that the process is meant to be therapeutic and beneficial, but not always easy. There are points during marriage therapy or relationship counseling that will be emotionally straining for a partner. Many times when a couple is seeking help for relationship issues, there have been emotions and experiences building up for months or years that finally start coming out.

Things To Know About Couple Therapy

If you and your partner are considering starting Orlando couples therapy there are a few things to remember.

  1. There is nothing wrong with seeking couples therapy, marriage or relationship counseling, and there never will be.
  2. Before starting relationship counseling, you should have a conversation with each other about the level of commitment that you will be making towards the process.
  3. Couples therapy is not meant to be a one time process. It only works when you commit to on-going sessions so you have time to build new habits, better communication, and repair trauma.
  4. Couples therapy is not just for the couple. It is also for the individuals as well. Each person has to be willing to make changes, learn new things, and be willing to participate in the counseling process.

Last Relationship Resorts

If you feel as though you have reached your limit and are questioning whether you should end a relationship, it can be good to get professional help. Orlando couple’s therapy works when both partners can agree and be committed to the process. Without this crucial step, therapy can either seem like it is dragging on, improvements are not being made, or cause a partner to become even more overwhelmed than before.

Know what your commitment level will be like during the process. I have had experiences with both sides: A couple who is fully committed and a couple who is not. Both types of commitment levels are common, but when you begin the process of couples therapy with the mindset that you are not committed to the relationship, then this can actually do more harm than good.

Commitment to Relationship Change

Focus on the clear goals you have for yourself, your partner, and the relationship, and be willing to discuss this during the first session. Couple’s therapy is meant to be an aid and help improve the relationship. It requires both partners to be present during the process. You know to know yourself before you can be open to knowing your partner.

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