Building the Athletic Trust

Building the Athletic Trust

Building the Athletic Trust

The relationship between coach and athlete is what sports counselors in Orlando define as athletic trust. There are numerous aspects that go into building an athletic trusting relationship that can benefit the coach and athlete alike. Initially, a big piece is the relying and trusting on one another is the core foundation towards building athletic trust towards a coach and an athlete.

The Athletic Relationship

Athletic trust is defined as trust during the athletic relationship through expectations and commitment towards everyone. On the coaching side, building athletic trust is the idea of having the athlete’s best interest at their core. This is ensuring that as the coach you are not seeing them as just a performer and number and most of all not as a tool to increase the win percentage of the team or program.

A Coach's Responsibility

Athletic trust from a coach requires the ability to advance the athlete's skills in sport, while proving the foundation for work ethic, a sense of accomplishment, and wanting to be part of a supportive and empowering team/athletic environment.

Respecting Coaches

On the athlete's side, building athletic trust towards a coach is the honoring of the commitment to give the very best you can-however this is just not performance based by any means. Yes, giving your best as an athlete is working towards bettering your improvement but also understanding when you need to talk to your coach about an issue, being honest and not hiding anything away from your coach, as well as trusting that your coach has your best interest as heart and giving the respect a coach deserves.

An Empowering and Impactful Team

Building athletic trust is as much of a balancing act then something to be strictly done and for coaches and athletes building this trusting relationship should be at the forefront of their minds at any level of sport they are in. Trust in a coach to athlete and vice versa is what makes sport more empowering and impactful then simple wins and a sport counselor in Orlando can help with building this for a team, athlete, or even coach. 

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