Blended Family and Co-Parenting

Blended Family and Co-Parenting

Blended Family and Co-Parenting

Struggles of Co-parenting

Co-parenting is a type of parenting style that can be stressful, irritating, and difficult to balance with having an individual lifestyle and being a parent. Often, Orlando therapists have noted co-parenting exists when a couple was originally in a relationship and then both partners decided to end the relationship. From here is where high-stress volumes have been reported, with the need to balance each other’s schedules and try to accommodate one another. However, what can cause the most stress, as noted from couples therapy in Orlando, is the notion that one partner believes they are still in a relationship with the other partner.

Boundaries with Ex-partners

Co-parenting is a relationship, but it is not the same form of a relationship that you once had with the individual. There is more communication (mostly about the child) but there is a higher preference for boundaries. Co-parenting is made difficult when one partner is unable to accept the co-parenting relationship and tries to force a regrowth of the former relationship.

The Focus

Individual and couples therapy have been geared towards working with these individuals to demonstrate that there is reasoning as to why the relationship had ended. Perhaps trust was broken, or there was infidelity, or both partners just grew apart. No matter what the reasoning is, the formation of co-parenting is not for the benefit of the couple but for the benefit of the child. 

Adapting to New Changes

The child needs to be the focus of co-parenting and is who needs to come first in the “relationship”. If you try and elaborate more on the co-parenting relationship than what it is then it sets you up for failure, to be hurt and saddened, and takes away your ability from being the best parent and co-parent you are capable of being. If you are struggling with adapting to co-parenting, individual therapy in Orlando can be the best outlet for you to be heard and supported through this!

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