2 Reasons You Might Need Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

2 Reasons You Might Need Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

2 Reasons You Might Need Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy sessions are helpful in situations where partners have consistent arguments about the same thing, feel emotionally disconnected from one another, cope with significant life changes like having a child or getting married, or have sex and intimacy-related issues. But there are times when seeking individual therapy can also help strengthen a relationship.

Experts offer these two circumstances that signal the need for individual therapy for improving romantic relationships:

Past traumas

There are apparent traumatic events and less than clear traumas that can affect how a person functions within a relationship. Some of the more evident traumas include being a survivor of sexual or physical abuse, whether as a child or an adult, and witnessing violence within the home while you were growing up. Some less obvious traumas that have profound effects may include having a parent who was a drug user or alcoholic, being yelled at or spanked too much during childhood, and not having ample attention as a child because of circumstances at home.  In addition, experiencing sudden unresolved loss or having roots in a culture that experienced a history of generational trauma are less obvious examples of trauma.  Experiences like these can trigger emotional reactions within even the most healthy of our future relationships because they have become an essential part of who we are and are forever ingrained within our bodies. Couples therapy can often bring about the discovery of these traumas even when we do our best to forget them.

Traumatic events deserve their own platform for expression and healing. Dealing with the effects of personal traumatic events should not be handled within couple’s therapy sessions and instead require the one-on-one attention offered by individual therapy in Orlando. Individual therapy sessions will allow you and your therapist to attune to these issues without considering the effect on your partner. A therapist giving personal attention to your bravery in living through such situations is the only way to build the trust, safety, and intimacy required to effectively heal the pain and change the reactions you are experiencing regarding the trauma you have suffered.

Familiar feelings

Suppose you realize that some of the issues you are having within your relationship are not necessarily new and instead are very similar to situations you experienced growing up within your family. In that case, it may be beneficial to proceed with individual therapy sessions. For example, it may be that you did not feel heard as a child. Now you are not feeling like your partner hears you, or maybe you saw your parents yelling at each other frequently, and now you are shouting when you and your partner have disagreements. Regardless of the reason, the past is affecting the present. Noticing these feelings coming up again in your life can cause insecurity and fear.

Processing the similarities and differences that your partner has with your family will be essential for your individual therapy. Therapy sessions can assist you with creating improved dynamics within your romantic relationship regardless of how similar or different your significant other is to either of your parents. Learning to be kind with yourself in the face of raw spots and triggers that arise is crucial to improving your well-being and all of your relationships.

Relationships are challenging but can become much more difficult when things from our past affect them. Seeking individual therapy in Orlando can help you get on a better personal track and improve your romantic relationship in the process.

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