Which Mind Should You Use?

Which Mind Should You Use?

Which Mind Should You Use?

In Winter Garden counseling settings you will learn more than just how to cope with anxiety symptoms. It may seem like there is only one way to deal with anxiety, health anxiety issues, job stress, or relationship stress. This is one reason many people turn to anti-anxiety medication first. The truth is, when you work with an anxiety counselor in Winter Garden, Florida, you learn deeper ways to overcome and heal from negative feelings for longer-lasting results. You dive into the working of your mind to eliminate symptoms rather than put a band aid on them.


In counseling in Winter Garden, your counselor will dive into psychology theories that allow you to see things from a unique perspective. One such theory involves the benefit of creating a greater sense of self-awareness. For example, you might be thinking that you only have one mind that you use and that is the mind that controls all of your feelings. What you learn in anxiety counseling in Winter Garden is that you actually possess three types of minds.  These "minds" dictate and control your behaviors and how you respond to any given situation or environment.


The three minds psychology references are Emotional, Logical, and Wisdom minds. The question with these three minds is which ones are you using when? How can you become more self-aware of their influences on your perception of reality? Is it possible to alternate between these "minds" to create a more peaceful mindset and overcome anxiety symptoms without medication?


In counseling for anxiety, the Emotional mind is what usually brings a person to begin therapy. The Emotional Mind, as the name predicts, controls your emotions and feelings. This mind puts attention on the thing which is giving you an intense amount of emotion and why you are feeling this emotion. A benefit to this mind is that it allows us to explore deeper into why you are reacting and feeling the way that you are.  The contradiction to that is when actions or behaviors are influenced solely by the emotional mind.  That is when you begin to react without thought and more issues are created than there might realistically be.


The second mind is the Logical mind. This is the mind that looks for factual information as to why a given response has happened and what the next step is. This allows us to make decisions more rationally but the downfall is that when you only think using the rational mind, then you don't often see past a solution. if you only used the logical mind, you might prevent yourself from understanding what you need and why you need it.


The Emotional and Logical mind are often the two minds that direct a person's course of behavior. The third mind, the Wisdom mind, is the mind that Winter Garden mental health counseling focuses on creating self-awareness around. This third type of mind is where a symbiotic relationship forms between the emotional and logical mind. These two minds work together to use the Wisdom mind which allows you to make decisions based on a variety of information.


For example, if something is making you feel a certain way then you want to acknowledge what caused you to feel this way. Then you want to use part of the logical mind to answer how you can work through this while understanding the emotional connection you have to what "this" is. That is the wisdom mind, the perfect balance, and blend of your emotions and logic coming together. If you feel yourself drifting towards one mind more than the other, take a moment, try some deep breathing and try to place yourself in the wisdom mind so that you can be fully present for yourself and the environment.

Remember, you are fully in control of your mental state and the direction you want to go. You are powerful and YOU are the only one who can control what mind you use.


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