What Is Anxiety Counseling Orlando? Why It Works

What Is Anxiety Counseling Orlando?

Why It Works

What Is Anxiety Counseling Orlando?

Anxiety counseling varies in its approach to regular mental health therapy services because it focuses on how to stop anxiety or panic attacks. There is also an emphasis on managing depression because often anxiety and depression are felt at the same time. Anxiety counseling with an expert that is trained in how to manage anxiety symptoms naturally will provide long-lasting benefits. This is a better approach than anti-anxiety medications which only offer to mask or reduce symptoms but do not work for long periods of time.

When you begin anxiety counseling in Orlando, you might be coming in from any walk of life. You might be a lawyer dealing with stress at work, or a stay at home mom who feels anxious all the time. You could be a doctor dealing with panic attacks, or a software programmer that struggles with depressed mood or anxious thoughts, or a college student having anxiety attacks. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone feels anxiety, but not everyone deals with it the same. A CBT counselor is someone that specializes in anxious thoughts, excessive fear, dread, depressed mood, obsessive behaviors, panic, worry, stress-management issues, and many other contributing factors.

Counseling works for mental health symptoms, such as depression or panic because your counselor will get to the root causes with you.  Licensed mental health counselors and anxiety specialists work at reprogramming your negative thought patterns so that you can be free from anxiety without relying on medication. The process by which the client and counselor work together on these techniques provides long-term relief from anxiety, rather than short-term symptom improvement.


How It Works

If you are having panic attacks or dealing with anxiety symptoms at home, work, or in your life, then you are the perfect candidate for anxiety counseling. How it works is that your counselor who specializes in mental health services will start with helping you identify the triggers, causes, and underlying beliefs or thoughts that are activating your symptoms. They will also teach you about the fight or flight response and how it reacts in your body to thoughts that you are having.


Why Anxiety Counseling Is the Best Option?

Anxiety counseling does not have to be the only option that you pursue when you are dealing with anxiety or stress.  Many clients find that they try anti-anxiety medications first and do not like the side effects or that they quickly stop working. This leads them to explore better options. The benefits include:

  • Improved Confidence Level
  • Consistent Mood
  • Skills You Use Anywhere, Anytime
  • Zero Side Effects

Anxiety counseling Orlando gives you the opportunity to receive mental health care that provides solutions rather than masks problems.


Anxiety Counseling Orlando Options:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This treatment for reframing thought patterns reducing and eliminates negative symptoms, such as depression, worthlessness, hopelessness, anxious feelings, and other emotions inhibiting a happy life.

Individual Counseling: When you work one-on-one with a counselor you are able to dive into the root causes of any core beliefs, or self-limiting patterns of thought that are creating feelings of low mood, or dysfunction.

Mindfulness Counseling: Incorporating this practice into your sessions will be a point that your counselor will want to work with you during your sessions. This can greatly benefit you in learning how to relax your mind, control your breathing, and shift your mental perspective away from catastrophic thoughts to hopeful ones.


The main focus in anxiety counseling Orlando sessions will be to reduce and eliminate your worry, panic, fear, or dread, but there will also be other areas that will be discussed. The best results happen when you work with your counselor to find lasting solutions. This might include a combination of new strategies on how to manage stress better, finding lifestyle changes that will encourage health, psychotherapy that will rewire your brain with neurofeedback, and mindfulness techniques to increase your ability to relax physically and mentally.

Research proves that you can get rid of anxiety with the right help. Call 407-592-8997 to speak to an expert that specializes in Anxiety Counseling Orlando or email Orlando Thrive Therapy today.

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