The Five Love Languages of Relationships

The Five Love Languages of Relationships

The Five Love Languages of Relationships

Have you ever wondered why your spouse may not fully understand the way that you show your love?  Do you ever fight with your significant other because of something you said or did that made them feel unloved?  People express their love differently, and this can actually cause issues in marriage and relationships.  When you have difficulties understanding how your partner expresses their love, you may want to work through these issues in marriage counseling in Orlando.  Let's first take some time to understand the five different types of love languages in relationships.

Words of Affirmation

Those who express their love through words of affirmation will require verbal statements of affection.  They love to hear "I love you" and other phrases that reassure them exactly how their partner feels.  These verbal expressions provide that person with assurance of exactly how the other person feels about them, and this is one of their primary ways of understanding and feeling love.

Physical Touch

Other people prefer the love language that emphasizes frequent physical touch.  If your partner kisses you each time they leave the house, gives frequent hugs, and prefers quiet, intimate moments of cuddling, they likely have speak this love language.  Simple gestures, like hand holding or putting your arm around them, can reassure them that you are in love.

Quality Time

Some people don't actually want materialistic items to express the way others feel about them.  Instead, they love to spend quality time enjoying the company of those they love the most.  When you are struggling to show these individuals that you care for them, carve out time in your routine to reassure them by spending time doing things together.  

Acts of Service

Many people also express their love in acts of service.  This can range from charities, to housework, to simple assistance in everyday tasks.  If your partner expresses themselves through acts of service, actions will mean much more than words.  They will understand that you love them by showing them through simple of acts of kindness and love.


Another common love language is expressed through gifts.  This can be small, sentimental items throughout your relationship, like flowers, chocolates, or jewelry.  When you are struggling to show your loved one that you appreciate and value them, consider stopping at the florist on your way home from work for a "just because" bouquet of flowers.  This gift can go a long way in showing them that you care.  In fact, gifts may be the one way that they truly understand how you feel.

These are the five love languages that help people in relationships express how they feel to their partner.  Whenever you are in a relationship, you will want to quickly familiarize yourself with your partner's love language so that you can provide them with what they need to feel loved.  If you are looking to deepen your connection with your partner, you may also want to consider learning about one another in marriage counseling in Orlando.

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