Stay At Home Florida Activities From An Orlando Counselor

Stay At Home Florida Activities From An Orlando Counselor

Stay At Home Florida Activities From An Orlando Counselor

While social distancing, CDC guidelines and stay at home orders are very serious business, we at Orlando Thrive Therapy are here to remind you that these are times that we can utilize to have some fun, set new goals, and use as a reminder to more often take life a little bit more lightly. I've collected some resources on fun ways that I have been handling the quarantine life.

This is a fun 30-minute hip-hop tabata workout video I stumbled across from Pop Sugar Fitness, they have tons of easy and accessible workouts for you to view, that utilize different forms of working out for those that are beginners and intermediate. You'll definitely find something fun and upbeat for you to work out with inside, without any exercise equipment. I personally loved it:

For those of you yogi's out there, a lot of people are utilizing youtube and other forms of social media to help you cope with stress and anxiety by means of connecting with your body and soul:

If you have little ones, there is also a family-oriented yoga session as well!

Download Duolingo, an easy and accessible app that allows you to play games while learning a new language. I've taken lessons in both French and German!

Start daily meditation practices to start your day, there are many apps available with free trials/memberships: Insight Timer, Headspace, Clear Fear, and websites including the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Take up journaling or bullet journaling, monitoring the activities you're doing throughout the day, your goals and progress. Whether you're a more creative being, or a to-do list and scheduled individual like me, a journal is a great way to decompress and find productivity. Find some journaling inspiration here:

Have some fun on social media for those of you that use these apps. I've been interacting with plenty of friends during quarantine, more so than usual. From fun story posts to online bingo, fun editing and reminiscing on old memories, I have found this as a beautiful way to connect with others from the safety of our homes. This is a great time to start that youtube channel or podcast you've been considering!  

My most recent and fun endeavor was doing an at-home photoshoot with my roommate. We simply took a magazine and ripped all of the pages out, taped them on a wall and snapped photos of each other and it was such fun! You would be surprised at household items that can be utilized as a creative outlet. Even an empty toilet paper roll taped over a phone flash to create studio light.

I've been coloring, reading, finding new music to listen to, experimenting with my less used makeup products in my drawers. I've used this time to really consider the things I am grateful for: which is the ability to be safe at home, the privileges of entertainment, food, and activities that we have daily taken for granted.

So get out there, be creative, be connected, interact more with yourself and you'll find fulfilling activities that can help time pass while nurturing your body and soul. I hope you found these helpful and inspiring! Tag me on IG if you find yourself using any of these activities! @mallorycounsels, feel free to connect with me there. If you're needing any support during these times, reach out to a counselor at Orlando Thrive for coaTherapy for counseling, coaching or virtual sessions. To speak to the author of this blog directly, email me at! Keep calm, create, and thrive on!

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