Serotonin: A Release like no other!

Serotonin: A Release like no other!

Serotonin: A Release like no other!

In Women's therapy Orlando, women seeking help with stress often ask for different ways they can become relaxed or reduce the level of stress in their life. If you are a woman feeling anxiety, learning how to relax can sound easy, but might be something you struggle with. For some reason, the idea of trying to become relaxed is very foreign to being human.  This wasn’t the case so long ago. Discovering how to relax and how to stop anxiety symptoms through women's therapy Orlando is easier than you think with the right help.

Activating Anxiety Reducing Hormones

Did you know there are specific anxiety counseling techniques and skills that help women reduce stress?  There are actually biological buttons that can be easily pushed to provide comfort and relaxation. There are parts of your mind that when they are activated, you can experience a wave of relaxation.  You have the power within you to manifest calmness and peace of mind even when you are the most stressed.

The Serotonin Secret

The "serotonin button" is how to access that instant feel-good hormone, releasing calmness in your mind. This is the hormone that gives us the feeling that everything is alright or elicits calming sensations and your happiest emotions to emerge. When you work with a therapist for women in Orlando to reduce stress, you learn the trick and tools for releasing serotonin through anxiety relief techniques. The wave of relaxation you learn how to control provides you with mastery over your anxiety or stress levels.

Self-Care Techniques to Increase Serotonin

Learning to activate serotonin first begins by making a commitment to better self-care. Self-care doesn't always have to be about long hours spent means figuring out how to incorporate routines in your life that prioritize your mental health. These routines do not have to be time-consuming to have dramatic effects.  Serotonin is released doing natural acts that do not require much time at all. The first trick to this is forcing yourself to stop in your busy day to take 5-10 minute breaks and engage in an activity that activates the neurotransmitter serotonin.

What are some of those stress-reducing activities?

  1. Remembering Happy Memories - Take 2-5 minutes to remember happy moments
  2. Massage/Touch - Massage your own shoulders, shake a co-worker's hand in greeting, or brush your hair.
  3. Scents - Scents trigger memories and stimulate senses. Keep your favorite essential oil or smell at your desk and smell it periodically.
  4. Meeting goals - Set personal or work-related goals and post them nearby.
  5. Newness - Plan new things, like cooking a new recipe, eating outdoors, leaving your desk for lunch, or enjoying a new music station.
  6. Spending time with a pet - Take daily breaks if you work from home to pet your animal.
  7. Diet - Pay attention to what you eat and focus on foods for energy, sustenance, and nutrition, rather than fast foods that make you sluggish and grumpy.

Find The Time To Make It Happen

These are just a few of the top 7 ways you can activate serotonin at work or in your life when things feel hectic. Serotonin is your mind's safety button for when stress, anxiety, worry, and nervousness seem to be at the core of your thinking process. The hardest thing to do is making your self-care routine a priority so that you can activate this feel-good hormone frequently.

When you begin women's therapy Orlando you learn tools to thrive, not just survive. This is a basic human right that everyone should make a priority. Call or email today to talk wot a female therapist in Orlando who specializes in women's counseling. Make a plan to bring on the relaxation! Be proud of yourself!

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