Relationship Anxiety Tips

Relationship Anxiety Tips

Relationship Anxiety Tips

Relationship anxiety therapy in Winter Garden works with individuals that are having problems in a relationship. Relationship anxiety is based solely on the anxiety that persists in the relationships we have with our partners. This form of anxiety manifests from a fear of rejection, overthinking our interactions with our partner/peers, needing acceptance in any form socially, etc.

A relationship is where two individuals are open and communicating effectively and placing the relationship as the main priority. When a partner develops relationship anxiety, it is caused by past actions the partner experienced or the need to control every aspect of the relationship to have it fit an ideal mold they need. When this happens, this can cause a rift between the couple and cause the relationship to become hindered by a wave of anxious thoughts and processes.


The same can be said when meeting new people. Meeting new people can be anxiety-provoking and often you may wonder if these new people will like you, how they will perceive you, if you are being judged by them, or if they are open to who you are. When you allow these thoughts to control your interaction with people that is all that they will see. Your peers are very perceptive of your physical behaviors and your confidence you present in the forming of the new potential relationship.


Allowing these thoughts to control your actions and how you proceed will only bring about more of your fears with meeting new people and thus enhancing the cycle of anxiousness. Anxiety therapy in Winter Garden helps to eliminate these fears and get to the root causes. Working with an anxiety counselor sheds light on reasons why you behave in certain ways and gives you new ways to act.


So what do you do when you are in a relationship anxiety spiral? The first thing to do is to challenge those thoughts and ask yourself “What evidence is there that they are judging and perceiving me?” Usually, when someone presents judgment their physical body shows it by either separating or being shut off from the person. If the person you are meeting is not doing this, then there is no evidence that there is judgment.  

If you do not accept this evidence and tell yourself you are being judged, then you are allowing your anxious thoughts to flood your prefrontal cortex and direct your behaviors and interactions. When meeting new people or being a relationship, draw a mental T-chart of things about the relationship that are in your control and out of your control. Doing this will take off the burden of having the “world” on your shoulders and allow you to demonstrate the qualities that are uniquely yours and your alone.


When you focus on things that are in your control such as what you say, how you say it, your escalation and the reaction to it allows you to place yourself first and address what you need moving forward. In any relationship, it takes two people and both parties need to be at their best if the relationship has any chance of thriving.

Put yourself first, ask what you need, and focus on the things that only you can control. Make the choice to be yourself in the relationship and meeting new people! For more information on counselors in Winter Garden or therapy in Orlando, you can reach out to schedule an appointment today.

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