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Quality World: The Freedom of Choice


Orlando counseling has seen a rise in symptoms of anxiety, depression, worthlessness, and feelings of hopelessness since the Coronavirus pandemic. People everywhere have struggled with how to be happy during times of unrest.  What Orlando counselors are finding is that people are questioning their worth, their identity, and their purpose. When humans lose the ability to satisfy basic human needs, they begin to feel these ways on a more intense level. Orlando counseling helps you find hope during times of darkness and redefine your quality world with the freedom of choice.



During Orlando counseling sessions it is important to explore a person’s basic needs and how they are being met or unmet. Doing this exercise with your Orlando counselor will help you get to a place where you can understand more about your basic needs and if they are being met.  These needs are what aid you in creating your quality world.

With the recent events of the times, many people are facing major life events that are drastically impacting their circumstances and threatening their basic human needs. The most pressing of these needs if the ability to have freedom.


When people feel helpless, or lack control, they begin to lose their freedom.  They feel stuck, overwhelmed, and without the opportunity to make their own choices. The basic need for freedom allows a person to feel empowered to make choices that shape their unique quality world.  They are ultimately in control of the direction of how they want their life to go. The freedom to choose is often a basic need that gets over-looked because people find themselves in situations where they feel they do not have choices, or that they have to do something exactly a certain way.


Through Orlando counseling, you can learn that despite any adverse circumstances you still have the power of choice. What you become aware of through your work with an Orlando counselor is that, in actuality, you are the only person who can control what you choose and don’t choose to do, act, think, or feel.  When your power of choice is threatened by an overarching entity (such as job loss due to coronavirus, or pandemic regulations,) you feel as though you have to do what the entity is forcing you to do. For some people, this might make them think they have no option but to give up, give in, and give over their power.

Not so quickly! Think twice before doing this and seek help through counseling if you feel powerless. Viewing your situation void of options might be your first reaction, but in doing so, you rob yourself of your ability to empower yourself. You become a victim of your own self-defeat.  Remember the horse troth analogy from the Quality World Blog? when your freedom is depleted you will try to fulfill it in the most immediate ways you can (give up, give in, and give over) and this will lead you to unwanted ramifications.  It will compromise your quality world, leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless.



The way to overcome self-defeat when you feel powerless is to begin by identifying everything that you have control over. You can start with the basics. You have control over what you say. You have control over who you interact with. You have control over what you decide to do with your time. These options alone can give you the ability to create change despite the adversity that you might be facing.  Regaining your power in these areas in which you have control will provide you with opportunity and the freedom of personal choice.  Focus more on the things that are within your control and less on the things that are out of your control. This will provide you with the freedom necessary to create and maintain your quality world.  

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