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Life counseling allows you to explore areas within your life that are causing tension or conflict. When you are trying to find out how to stop anxiety, or how to get over sadness or depression or find ways how to stop thinking negatively, first search for a counselor near me.  This will lead you to a world of resources that can help dealing with life changes.

In this Orlando counseling self-help series, you have been exploring the five basic needs and how unmet needs will cause you to feel negative emotions. When your basic human needs go unmet, you might start trying to look for ways on how to stop feeling sad, how to stop feeling lonely, or how to find better ways to cope with life. In this blog, the basic need of survival is explored in more depth.


In order to create a happy, peaceful, harmonious quality world where you know how to feel confident and how to feel happy despite adversity, your basic needs must be prioritized. Survival is the most primal of those basic needs and each human must survive to thrive.

When it comes to survival, the focus is usually on tangible and visual aspects of your life. These aspects are food, shelter, water, financial stability, etc. These are very crucial in the establishment of your quality world. By surviving with these in your quality world, it may give rise to achievement and fulfillment of the other four basic needs. For example, having financial stability might provide you with the funds to do something that will fulfill both your fun and freedom basic need.  That might include the ability to afford self-care (Orlando counseling, massage, gym memberships, etc.), taking a trip, or enjoying basic home amenities.


While this side of survival is crucial, when you start working with a counselor near me (the most common search for anyone seeking counseling help), your therapist or life coach will help you take it one step further. Imagine yourself being an oak tree…a surviving oak tree will have roots on top of the grass and will be able to weather any storm that comes by it. Occasionally there may be that storm that knocks the tree over and thus makes it hard for the oak tree to come back up. However, if you a thriving oak tree, your roots are deeply enrooted into the soil beneath you. You are able to withstand any storm that comes your way and you develop a confidence that you are able to face any one of these storms head-on. This is where you want to be. This is where your counseling sessions should take you in that search for finding help for how to be more confident, or finding help to get over anxiety.


Ask yourself questions to gauge how well you are meeting your survival needs. Questions such as, “Am I living my best self?”, “What do I need?”, “How can I promote myself to fulfillment?” will lead you to that answer. When these questions are asked, you will begin to see what you need to thrive as an individual and as a human being. Your quality world is filled with the values, beliefs, positive experiences, and general strengths that make you who you are and separates you from others.


 Strive to be your thriving self! Achieving this self will always lead to your survival basic need being fulfilled but also give rise to how to live your best life. That is a life where your quality world offers you the opportunities that you deserve and are capable of having. You do not need to settle on what your needs are and especially what your feelings and emotional state is. Instead, turn inward, ask yourself how you can be thriving, and choose to put yourself first. When you start counseling in Orlando, a counselor will help you see your options laid out in front of you. This Orlando counseling experience can lead you to question which outcomes will promote your individual best self and which outcome will lead you to your ultimate thriving self. Surviving is individualistic and crucial but to thrive is to be human.

Be proud of yourself.

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