Orlando Therapist vs Orlando Life Coach What's the difference?

Orlando Therapist vs Orlando Life Coach

What's the difference?

Orlando Therapist vs Orlando Life Coach

An Orlando life coach is someone whom you come to for advice on how to navigate the twists and turns that life can give you. Being a life coach isn't something just anyone should claim to be capable of. Training, education, skillset, background, and even life experience should all play a role in how to find an Orlando life coach.  It is also important when you are seeking to make major life changes that the help is combined with mental health therapy. This is the one area that makes the most difference when you are trying to create lasting change.

Your Orlando therapist should also be considered your life coach because they are capable of amplifying the experience. With their level of training, they have the capability of diving further into your life counseling goals.  This benefits you because it puts your needs first and allows you to uncover barriers preventing you from feeling your best.

Therapy vs Coaching

Your experience in your counseling or therapy sessions should not be solely based on a professional telling you what to do. This is often where the role of an Orlando life coach must end because they do not have mental health training to go further with you. To create long term changes, you need to work with a professional who can dive deeper to find out why you are experiencing barriers to personal happiness, or why you are not able to maintain successful relationships, job satisfaction, or any other barriers.

Orlando Therapy Goals

The goal of your Orlando therapist is to work with you and be with you through various obstacles present in your life. You will learn the tools for how to cope and address these circumstances. This is done through teaching therapy techniques and skills that can be used in practically almost any situation you may find yourself in. The goal of your mental health therapist is to also know you and get to the core reasons as to why these circumstances are plaguing you. It is for this reason that your therapist can serve to be the best Orlando life coach you can have! They know you, they know who you are, and more importantly, there is a built relationship of trust and vulnerability that allows for this person to know you on the deepest of levels.

Internal vs External Self

In therapy, there are two versions of yourself: the internal and external self. A life coach will focus on the external self through the actions you can take to give yourself a better life. A therapist takes this deeper because they will bridge the communication between the inner and external self. Your therapist will allow you to build the life you want not only on the outside but on the internal side as well.

If you would like to learn how to reach a deeper connection with the inner you, then reach out to an Orlando therapist today. It could help you discover things within you that you may have only dreamed about! When you being mental health therapy with an Orlando therapist, you get an automatic life coach. This is due to the fact that they bring to light what the internal you needs!


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