Orlando Anxiety Counselor Tips For Stress Management Managing Anxiety Symptoms

Orlando Anxiety Counselor Tips For Stress Management

Managing Anxiety Symptoms

Orlando Anxiety Counselor Tips For Stress Management

As an Orlando anxiety counselor, I have had to take time for my own self-care in managing anxiety symptoms. Anytime life changes suddenly there or throws you a curveball, it can take a moment to get your bearings. As humans, we are designed to thrive off of balance and when that balance is threatened managing anxiety symptoms becomes a new norm.  As you near the hopeful end of COVID-19 and it's effects on society's health and economy, you need to pay attention to the lessons there are to learn from this tragedy.

This experience challenged everyone on some level and even I had a pure breakdown in the first couple weeks of this virus outbreak and quarantine. While that breakdown was a tad dramatic, it helped me break through all of the feelings and thoughts I was having.  It led me to a clearer image of what I had in front of me and the lessons I was going to learn. In this article, I decided to get a bit personal and share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Even an Orlando anxiety counselor needs to know how to manage anxiety symptoms. I had to navigate through this entire experience, and shift my mindset into something positive. Take what you want from it! Some might apply, some might not!

These are some of the pieces of gratitude I have gained, thoughts I have accepted (some easier than others) and things I plan to carry with me:

  • As much as want to, we don't have full control over our own lives.
  • I have control over my anxiety. (depression as well!)
  • Being outside is a privilege.
  • We as a society, especially those suffering from mental health are never truly alone.
  • During this quarantine, I never saw so many people outside being active, be sure to hold onto this as time progresses.
  • No using "not enough time" as an excuse anymore.
  • We take the earth and nature for granted and abuse it.
  • As we stayed inside animals populated, waters became clean, air pollution was at an all-time low.
  • Time is precious and fleeting.
  • Checking in on your family more regularly is important.
  • Our health is never something to take for granted.
  • People with invisible illnesses are everywhere, think about them more often, not just during an outbreak or flu season.
  • Never take for granted a day off or a single paycheck.
  • Our pets are always in quarantine, take them outside more!
  • Essential workers are the backbone of society.
  • Intentional connection, even over the phone is helpful for everyone around us and those we care about most.
  • The activities, restaurants, and places we all love to go are a PRIVILEGE that we constantly take for granted.
  • Be very intentional with your budgeting and finances.
  • Sometimes we have to accept that there isn't always an answer for everything that happens.
  • Do your best to always think outside of yourself, refocus on the things that are truly important.
  • There isn't a "going back to how things were", there was obviously something flawed with the way we were functioning as a society.
  • Always have an extra bottle of Lysol and an extra pack of toilet paper.

As we look to a more promising future, where people are recovering and businesses are scheduled to re-open, please try to use these as part of a new perspective. While in my anxiety counseling practice, I am used to hearing from my clients how working with anxiety every day can feel for them, it will now be something I have shared with them too. The important thing to remember is that anxiety can be treated even if it feels impossible or hard.  I learned to accept that there was a reason for this, and it was a reality check. My outlook on time, work, my health, and the environment have shifted slightly. I highly encourage you to look inward to find your own lessons, apply what you can from here and learn. Grow. Prosper. Share the knowledge you have, you never know who you are helping.

If you'd like to start on a new journey as times start to shift back to normalcy, reach out to a counselor at Orlando Thrive Therapy today. To speak directly to the author of this blog, email us or call 407-592-8997. Until then....keep calm, and thrive on!

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