Online Therapy Stay At Home Counseling Options

Online Therapy Stay At Home Counseling Options

Online Therapy Stay At Home Counseling Options

Teletherapy Orlando has allowed clients to access support during this time of crisis in creative ways. As mental health counseling professionals, we have quickly adapted to the needs of our clients through online therapy, also called teletherapy technology. We understand the impact a pandemic and stay at home order can have on a person and it is our job to be flexible and understanding.

In response to these situations, our mental health counseling team has offered teletherapy sessions, as well as flexible counseling sessions via online applications such as Zoom, Doxy, or phone. Our Orlando counseling team has increased their life coaching availabilities to be there for you during these uncomfortable times.


As an Orlando counselor who uses teletherapy, I am here to share some of the benefits and hope to ease any concerns you might have.

  • It is still completely confidential, and just between you and your therapist.
  • It is more flexible, since we are offering both full hour sessions, half hour sessions, and even free phone life coaching “check-ins” for our clients. Our hours are still just as, if not more, flexible to include weekends.
  • It saves time and money! No need to get in the car, spend the gas or sit in I-4 traffic.
  • It helps the pandemic research by allowing you to stay safe at home, lower rate of transmission, and abide by CDC rules and outlines.
  • Can provide more comfort from your own home, rather than being in a office.
  • Accessible mental health counseling Orlando to everyone! All you need is a smart phone or a way to call in general. Even the concept of reaching your therapist is more accessible.
  • Due to the flexibility and cost effectiveness of online therapy, the temporary use of counseling through technology helps your mental health therapist and you understand your own triggers and allows you both to stay up to date, furthering your therapeutic process and recovery.
  • Keeps the flow and productivity of better therapy moving without disruption. For therapy to work, you have to go consistently! Large gaps can impede your process.
  • Can feel more personal with your individual therapist.


It is important for you all to know that we as your best counseling Orlando team, are on your side. We work thoroughly to ensure we are reaching people in need, providing the best care we can with our own limitations, and prioritizing both mental health and physical health during quarantine.

The beauty of online therapy is that it can be done almost anywhere (confidentiality fitting), home, office, park, wherever you feel comfortable chatting without distractions. Some individual counselors and anxiety therapists have open lines for you to text updates and chat with from time to time.


We understand that these times can cause a lot of distress, discomfort, and feelings of isolation. If you or anyone you know are experiencing heightened mental health symptoms, are having a hard time coping, or even just needing someone to help coach them through please reach out to an Orlando counselor at Orlando Thrive Therapy today. To speak directly to the author of this blog, contact Keep calm, wash your hands & thrive on!

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