Life Coaching Goal Setting Tips

Life Coaching Goal Setting Tips

Life Coaching Goal Setting Tips

Each New Year brings time to reflect on your high points, your achievements, your losses or weaknesses, and your ability to sustain goals you made over the last year. With this reflection, it is important to maintain a positive attitude that will allow for improvement, rather than wanting to give up. In order to transition into a new mindset and a new opportunity for change, you need to take inventory of your life. For change and development to occur, you need to identify the need and the means for change. This will allow you to set an achievable goal around that.

Setting Specific Goals

When most people think about setting goals or New Year resolution's they think about joining a gym, quitting smoking. These are very specific and also very vague goals. The best goal setting starts with the big picture and narrowing down the details to achieve that. I encourage you to look outside the box to develop the most effective goal setting.

Measurable goals are easier to accomplish. What does a measurable goal look like? It is a goal that defines specific frequency, duration, and tasks. Put numbers on your goal! Choose realistic goals that acclimate over time. Start easy. Push forward in your motivation carefully so that you don't disappoint yourself or set yourself up for failure. Work on a couple of goals at a time, but don't overwhelm yourself too soon.

Thinking Outside The Box

Social Life

· Ex: dedicate one Sunday a month to a girl's brunch


· Ex: attend one training or conference


· Ex: host family movie nights every month


· Ex: practice French once a week


· Ex: do one independent activity each weekend


· Ex: increase water intake by one bottle per day


· Ex: meditate for 15 minutes every other night

These are just some examples of goals and areas of your life that you can work on enhancing in this new year. If you find that a goal is too strenuous, turn it down to a notch that feels comfortable. Don't give up! It is beneficial to write down your goals where you can see them frequently as reminders.

Getting Goal Setting Help

If you or someone you know is having a hard time identifying goals or reaching resolutions, they could benefit from life coaching in Orlando. Contact a life coach in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy today for a free 10 minute consultation. To speak to the author of this blog, contact Mallory Hawkes at Thrive on!

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