Learning More About Basic Needs

Learning More About Basic Needs

Learning More About Basic Needs

If you haven’t had a chance to read the blogs on the basic needs, take a moment now and go back and check them out as this blog is meant to be a supplement to the basic needs. This is a personal technique your counselor in Orlando might do with you which allows for you to create a deeper meaning with yourself.  It gives you the opportunity to understand what needs have a higher priority in your day to day living.

Ranking Your Basic Needs

The five basic needs are fun, freedom, love & belonging, power, and survival. The way this technique works is that you first list the five basic needs on paper followed by making a second list of one through five. With this list, focus on organizing the five basic needs in order of which one you see as needing to be fulfilled the most to the one that may be getting the most filled. ALL OF THE BASIC NEEDS ARE IMPORTANT!

Your First Basic Need Is...   

Just As Important As Your Fifth! Whichever basic need is ranked at number five does not mean it is unimportant or doesn’t hold value, it just signals that you are most likely having this need fulfilled more regularly than the preceding four. The important thing to know about the ranking is that this is you on paper. Nothing and no one can change these basic needs except for the person looking back at you in the mirror. These are your basic needs and regardless of the order of them, they are you.

This shows you the basic needs that you need to have fulfilled in your relationships, social, and personal life. Ask yourself at each basic need why that one ranks where it does and what changes need to be made and how those changes can be made. No two basic needs can be tied so they have to be concrete and definitive but they can also change over time! If you find that they do change, just draft them again!

Finding Help And Meeting Your Needs

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