How to Work on Your Relationship during the Pandemic

How to Work on Your Relationship during the Pandemic

How to Work on Your Relationship during the Pandemic

Working on your relationship is already difficult, but let's just add a pandemic into the mix.  During the pandemic, we have been restricted to the confines of our own homes and private spaces, instructed to avoid large social gatherings, and even told to work from home until the threat of the virus diminishes.  This has left many of us in the presence of those we live with, and when you are a couple going through a rough patch, this brings about difficult times.  However, it is still possible to work on your relationship and keep the peace during the pandemic.  As experts in marriage therapy in Orlando, we offer a few strategies that will help your relationship survive the difficult times during this pandemic.

Understand How You (and Your Partner) Handle Stress

During this time, you will likely be encountering many stressful moments.  Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and it is important to recognize how you deal with stress.  This way, you can avoid starting fights and conflicts around the house.  Also, understanding how your partner deals with stress is also essential to providing them support and offering them suggestions to cope and manage their stress.

Designate Specific Spaces in the House

When you are spending so much of your time in your own home, it can become frustrating to always be tripping over one another.  Take some time to designate specific spaces in the house for different purposes.  If you are working out, you should have a specific area for this task.  Work and play should also be separate spaces so that you can avoid stepping on each other toe's and listening into each other's meetings during the work day.

Delay Any Major Decisions

If you are struggling with the confinement and restrictions placed upon us because of the pandemic, you should also delay any major decisions.  In order to make the right choice, you'll want to have clarity and be able to look at the issue with a range of perspectives.  This can be difficult, or even impossible, to achieve during these times.  Place these large, life-changing decisions on the backburner for another time when things settle down.

Comfort One Another

During these difficult times, many of us are craving kindness and comfort from others.  Because we limited in the social contacts we have, you should be sure to spend extra time making sure that your partner is okay.  This involves small acts of kindness, like doing the dishes or folding the laundry.  It can involve ordering your favorite take-out or giving your partner time for a calming bubble bath.

By following these few strategies, you will be able to work on your relationship despite all the challenges and restrictions during the pandemic.  If you continue to work on your relationship, you could actually leave the pandemic much stronger than before.  When you are looking for help with your marriage therapy in Orlando, trust Orlando Thrive Therapy.  Contact us to hear about our approach to marriage and relationship counseling today.

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