Health Anxiety and Depression

Health Anxiety and Depression

Health Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety have connections with each other to where one can cause the other or have similar symptoms to each other. In the mental health field, this is known as comorbidity. Through counseling in Winter Garden, you will learn the underlying reasons why you are suffering from anxiety so that you can eliminate the symptoms. You will begin to understand the relationship between depression and anxiety. With your anxiety counselor, you will discuss your health anxiety on a deeper level and not only learn to cope, but heal.

What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety can give rise to many different mental states and diagnoses. Unlike general anxiety, which is a larger umbrella for anxiety in almost any situation, health anxiety usually manifests from specific fears over having an illness or undiagnosed issue. Winter Garden anxiety counseling seeks to give you tools to manage these irrational fears and help you heal from the anxiety

How does Healthy Anxiety feel?

If you are suffering from health anxiety, most likely any depressive state of cognitive functioning is the result of the anxious thoughts surrounding health anxiety. This state of depression can be grouped into feelings of no worth, low self-esteem, or out of control. You might begin to think you have no ability to improve health conditions and ultimately feel powerless when faced with medical and health symptoms. This is clearly not the mindset to be in nor is the best avenue to go down when working through health anxiety.

Getting help for Health Anxiety

To overcome this state of mind, you need professional anxiety treatment. You need to restructure negative thought patterns and develop an understanding of the mind. When you work with an anxiety counselor in Winter Garden, you will learn how to create an inner dialogue that supports a powerful mindset. Your inner dialogue is a powerful tool.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one technique that improves this inner dialogue, but it also needs to be combined with mindful meditation or visual imagery to actually heal from anxiety.

Anxiety Relief Technique

Flooding out the negative thoughts and replacing them with thoughts that are in the neutral is one anxiety reduction technique that begins to work immediately. This begins by learning to focus on where you are in the here and the now.  This technique requires practice and can be called upon in any circumstance when health anxiety begins to escalate. It will become crucial for de-escalating the ramp-up of depression from health anxiety as well.

The dialogue you have with yourself is extremely important.  When you begin working with an anxiety counselor, you will become mindful of the power of the mind-body connection. You will be taught specific techniques, such as thought replacement and controlled breathing, that will counteract the physical symptoms of anxiety. One example of this is using identifying adjectives to describe things within your environment. Do this while maintaining your breathing. This is also a great technique if you have a panic attack as well from health anxiety.

Counseling for Anxiety

There are anxiety counseling therapists specifically trained to help you work through health anxiety and depression. Having the right, healthy support system, and resources are vital to your overall healing from anxiety issues. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, there are Winter Garden counselors and Orlando therapists waiting to hear from you. Email or call us today to get started.  The most important thing to remember is that health anxiety does not control you, but you control it!

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