Healing With DBT

Healing With DBT

Healing With DBT

DBT is a behavioral activation therapy, similar to CBT and even uses practices and techniques from it, but taps into a different perspective and theory.

A DBT trained therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy can help assist you by teaching and educating you about skills of validation, mindfulness, strategies to change ineffective or destructive behaviors, and showing your ways to process emotions and traumas healthily.

What Is Dialectical?

Dialectical is the core element of DBT and the principle of wholeness. This means things are always changing, and it is a transaction of both good and bad. The core of dialectics is acceptance; Where there is dysfunction there is functionality.

Finding the balance of change and acceptance with DBT clients is the number one priority of DBT. Some things can be changed, while other things are always changing. Where does that line lie?

DBT teaches specific coping techniques to help deal with anxiety, depression, past trauma, unhealthy relationship behaviors, and self-destructive tendencies.

Who Does DBT Help?

Some history behind it: DBT originally is designed for those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, which identifies struggles with emotional dysregulation and processing, fears of abandonment, self-destructive behaviors, including thoughts of suicide, impulsive or risky behaviors, poor interpersonal relationships or co-dependency, and paranoia. If you deal with one or a few of these symptoms, DBT informed therapy or skills could help you improve. We as Orlando therapists strive to decrease these behaviors and increase adjustment, retention and improve self-esteem.

If you or someone you know might fit this sort of treatment or you simply want to learn more about the skills associated with DBT in Orlando, contact a therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy today.

Be on the lookout for more DBT informed articles that expand upon the skills utilized in DBT therapy including the concept of validation, mindfulness, and acceptance. To speak directly to the author of this blog, send an email to mallory.orlandothrivetherapy@gmail.com! Thrive on!

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