Four Ways to Help Prevent Anxiety

Four Ways to Help Prevent Anxiety

Four Ways to Help Prevent Anxiety

Anxiety can be a crippling feeling that leaves many people afraid, immobile, or isolated. This may stop people from living their lives, whether they become intimidated by normal social situations or they underperform in their jobs. The many negative effects of anxiety have many people seeking out anxiety therapy in Orlando to help them find strategies to alleviate their symptoms. There are a few ways you can help prevent the effects of anxiety.

Stay Fit

When you treat your body right, you will likely feel better all around. Even though this is a great way to maintain your physical shape, it can also have many benefits for your mental health as well. Exercising about 20 minutes per day can help you to alleviate your anxiety. When you are starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed by your daily life, simply take a walk or bike ride to help you get perspective. You'll likely feel a relief in your symptoms, which will give you more clarity and help you stay positive.

Eat Well

Similar to staying fit, eating well by maintaining a nutritious diet can help fuel your body with the right ingredients. By eating foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts and fish, you are providing your body with food that positively impacts your brain. There are many studies that show that your diet can impact your mental health. Eating clean ingredients and avoiding an excess of sugar and processed foods can help to keep your body feeling fresh. This will help you to prevent anxiety from overwhelming you.

Get Outside

Whenever you are feeling the most anxious, take a break from whatever you are doing and sit outside in the sunlight. Having exposure to the daylight can help to alleviate your anxiety symptoms relatively quickly. The sun will give your body a boost of Vitamin D, which can help promote your mental health. Although this may only help you with mild cases of anxiety, it can still offer some relief or at least prevent symptoms from worsening.

Practice Breathing Exercises

When your anxiety is starting to overwhelm you, you can practice a wide array of breathing exercises to help combat your symptoms. By taking deep breaths, you can learn to control your anxiety. Slowly breathe in through your nose, then hold your breath for about 10 seconds. Slowly release the breath and continue with the cycle until you feel more relaxed. By focusing on your breathing, you allow your anxiety symptoms to slowly escape your body before they build.

These are just a few of the strategies to alleviate the effects of anxiety and give yourself the ability to live a less hindered lifestyle. Instead of letting your anxiety get the best of you, consider talking to a counseling specializing in anxiety therapy in Orlando. Contact us today to hear how we can help you live the best life you can.

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