Four Types of Anxiety Therapy in Orlando

Four Types of Anxiety Therapy in Orlando

Four Types of Anxiety Therapy in Orlando

Millions of people suffer from the symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks, increased heart rate, withdrawn from social activities, and nervousness.  If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and worried about how it negatively affects your life, you may be looking for anxiety therapy in Orlando.  Counselors and therapists are great support systems that can provide you with strategies to mitigate and relieve your anxiety, especially when it impacts your daily life.  There are a few common treatments and types of therapies that can treat the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy is great for those who suffer from anxiety because it will look specifically at the patterns of thought and actions.  This will help determine the root of your anxiety, which will involve identifying your triggers.  Then, you will be able to find and implement strategies to minimize your anxious responses to these triggers.  CBT focuses on building coping skills to prevent anxious thoughts.


Depending on the severity of your anxiety, your counselor may determine a course of medication that will help you with your symptoms.  To relieve symptoms that cause extremely drastic issues to arise, especially those that inhibit your everyday life, medications can help to lessen your anxiety.  Your counselor will not simply prescribe you with medications without first doing a full examination of your symptoms, triggers, and lifestyle.  

Exposure to Triggers

When you work with a counselor who specializes in anxiety therapy in Orlando, you will be able to practice your coping skills in a safe space.  A counselor will present you with your triggers and situations that typically create anxiety, and you will be able to work through your thought process with them.  This provides you with the exposure you need in small doses before you need to implement them into real-life situations.

Support Systems

Many people struggle with opening up to their friends and family, especially when it comes to mental health issues.  Because of this, many suffer from their anxiety in solitude, which can actually make it more extreme.  When you engage in routine anxiety therapy, you have someone to talk to about how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and how your anxiety affects your lifestyle.  This support system is an integral part of your journey to success, as it allows you to communicate with others instead of becoming more withdrawn.  Once you get comfortable with your therapy, you may even want to open up to others as you better understand your symptoms.

These are just a few of the types of treatments that can relieve and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders when you visit a counselor.  Often times, anxiety therapy in Orlando will target the symptoms you suffer from specifically, which makes these sessions so impactful.  To seek treatment or support for your anxiety disorder, contact our professionals to hear about how we can help you get started today.

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