Four Signs You May Have Social Anxiety Disorder

Four Signs You May Have Social Anxiety Disorder

Four Signs You May Have Social Anxiety Disorder

Do you avoid social events because you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or withdrawn in a crowd of people?  Are you constantly searching for excuses to avoid dating, holidays, work events, or parties?  From avoiding social gatherings to feeling out of place or judged, there are many different symptoms of social anxiety disorder.  At anxiety therapy in Orlando, you can find the proper counseling and treatment to overcome this battle and enjoy outings every time.  There are a few telltale signs that indicate you may be suffering from social anxiety disorder.

You Are Uncomfortable in Social Situations

Many people that suffer from social anxiety are uncomfortable in social situations, such as work functions, meetings, group events, parties, and much more.  They will be more withdrawn, quiet, or even avoid these situations all together.  In severe cases, they may even shake, sweat, or faint because of their anxiety.

You Frequently Feel Judged

Whenever you are in situations around other people, you may always feel as though others are judging you.  This may cause a lack of confidence or loss of self-esteem, which can result in withdrawn or awkward behaviors.  Social anxiety disorder can make you feel as though other people are always looking at you in a negative light, despite the fact that this isn't actually happening.  Talking to a counselor can give you strategies to combat these cognitive distortions.

You Lie to Avoid Situations

Have you been using every excuse to avoid any situation?  When you find yourself making up reasons why you can't do something every time your boss, coworkers, family, or friends ask you to participate in an event, you may be suffering from social anxiety.  If you have been making up lies, such as having other plans or being too tired, you may want to talk with a counselor to discuss the reasons behind your behaviors.

You Enjoy Anonymity

If you feel as though you become a different person when you are speaking to someone as an anonymous identity, you may suffer from social anxiety.  Being comfortable talking in online chatrooms, video games, or even incognito can indicate a lack of confidence in your true identity or a discomfort with showing others your true self.  This can be a telltale sign of social anxiety that can be treated in anxiety therapy in Orlando.  

These are a few of the signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder.  If you suffer from this disorder, you may find yourself lost, withdrawn, or uncomfortable in many situations that shouldn't make these emotions arise.  In order to treat this disorder, you should work with a specialist in anxiety therapy in Orlando to learn the right strategies for your case.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with our expert therapists and counselors today.

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