Four Signs that Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Four Signs that Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Four Signs that Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Are you concerned that your marriage is starting to fall apart?  Do you notice that you and your spouse have been drifting apart, fighting more frequently, or acting strangely around one another?  Every relationship has their ups and down, and it's true that marriage is hard work.  However, when you start to feel like your marriage is in jeopardy, it may be time for you to agree on marriage counseling in Orlando.  Our experienced counselors can work with you and your spouse to rebuild and repair the issues in your marriages and strengthen your relationship.  Before you pick up the phone, you should know these few signs that show your marriage may be headed towards trouble.

You Don't Want to Spend Time Together

If you find yourself avoiding your spouse or planning events just to stay busy without your spouse, you may have marital issues.  When you don't want to spend any of your time together, you should stop and ask yourself why that is.  If you are repulsed, annoyed, angry, sad, or bitter towards one another, you may need to openly discuss these emotions so that you can repair the damages that were done to cause them in the first place.

You Have Difficulty Connecting

Are you frequently bored by your spouse?  Are you uninterested in them?  When you talk to your spouse, you don't need to be interested in every single word they have to say, but you should be able to find common ground and enjoyment out of their conversation.  If you are constantly struggling to care or listen to your spouse, you may be in trouble.

You Lie to One Another

Dishonesty is a huge issue in a marriage, especially when it runs rampant.  Telling your spouse consistent lies may show that you do not trust one another or you have something to hide.  This can lead to issues, such as infidelity, toxicity, damaged emotions, and much more.  When you notice that you or your spouse are lying to one another on a regular basis, your marriage will likely need to be rebuilt.

You Have No Intimacy

Everyone goes through rough patches with their intimacy.  However, when you have no intimacy or connection with your spouse, you may be in trouble.  Discussing your intimacy issues with your spouse and a counselor will help you open up about any of the real reasons why you avoid being intimate with one another, which can actually create great dialogue that rebuilds your intimacy to become stronger than ever.

These are a few of the common signs that indicate that your marriage may be in trouble.  Working to rebuild your marriage in marriage counseling in Orlando can have many lasting benefits, including saving your marriage and strengthening your bond as a couple.  We work with you to provide you both with a safe space to learn and heal so you can leave feeling confident in yourself and each other.  Contact us to hear about our marriage counseling services today.

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