Four Self Care Tips for When You're Stuck at Home

Four Self Care Tips for When You're Stuck at Home

Four Self Care Tips for When You're Stuck at Home

Are you struggling to stay busy when you are stuck at home?  Are you battling anxiety, depression, or feelings of instability?  Being stuck at home can be tough for many people, because it alters the daily expectations and routine.  This can also cause issues related to mental health, especially for those who already have preexisting mental health issues.  During this time, our counselor in Orlando recommends a few tips to stay positive and find ways to take care of yourself.  These self-care tips are easy to implement and can provide you with a positive outlook when you are stuck at home.  


A great way to put yourself first and take care of your mental health when you are stuck at home is to engage in physical activity at least once a day.  There are many ways to get your blood pumping at home, such as yoga, at home workouts, stretching, and using household items as weights.  Also, taking walks around the neighborhood or at a local park are great ways to get fresh air and exercise at the same time.  When you exert physical energy, your body will release endorphins that will lift your spirits.  

Take a Long Shower or Bath

Bathing is likely already a part of your daily routine, but during your time stuck at home, take the opportunity to enjoy a longer shower or soak in a hot bath.  By giving yourself time to enjoy the steam of the shower or the warmth of the water in the bath, you will alleviate stress and anxiety that may build up during the tough days spent at home.  

Get Outside

If you have access to an outdoor area, take advantage of it and get outside.  Spending time on the back patio or porch, in your yard, in your neighborhood, or at a local park can rejuvenate your spirits.  Instead of staying inside all day long each day, get outside to get sun exposure and fresh air.  The natural elements will help to reenergize your mind and give you clarity, which can also relieve stress, confusion, and anxiety.

Do Something You Love

Whenever you are stuck at home, you may think the entertainment options are limited.  However, this isn't always true.  Take this time to do something you love that perhaps you don't always have the time to do in your regular routine.  Play with the dog, do some gardening, or rearrange your closet.  These simple tasks are both productive and exciting, and they will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

These self-care tips are important to integrate into your daily life when you are stuck at home.  During confusing and scary times, it can be easy to put your mental health last and focus on all the noise of the news and media.  As a counselor in Orlando, we want to urge you to take care of yourself and your mental health during this time.  Contact us today to hear about the many counseling services we offer.

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